Other teachers

Qigong teachers recommended

by Simon Blow Qigong

I’m happy to refer Qigong Teachers in other areas of Australia.

All of these teachers have had many years of training and some have completed the Simon Blow Qigong Teacher training program, which is indicated as either Level 1,2 or 3. The Da Yan instructors have all traveled to China and are authorised by Grand Master Chen, 28th Linage Holder Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong. All of the listed teachers I know personally and teach true authentic styles of Qigong.  They all have a passion to share the Chinese healing exercises and are honest and trust worthy professionals.


New South Wales (NSW)

Cherel Waters Da Yan (Central Coast)  qigongharmony9@gmail.com

Lisa McEvoy Level 2 Da Yan (Central Coast ) lichiwitch@gmail.com

Adrienne Roberts Level 3 Da Yan (Newcastle ) adrienne.roberts@tpg.com.au

Deanne Allan Level 3 (Blueys Beach) shenwellness@outlook.com

Jann Chambers Da Yan (Sydney) jannseleas@hotmail.com

Amber King Da Yan (Central Coast) purplecloudtaichi@gmail.com

Nicole Giepmans (Port Stephens ) nicolegiepmans@hotmail.com

Shirley Alderson  Da Yan (Tamworth )  shirley.massage@me.com

Janita Ying Da Yan (Tamworth ) ( jjanitaying@hotmail.com

George Foster Da Yan (South Coast )  yanshifoo@gmail.com

Glenda Morgan (South Coast )  glenda.energyarts@gmail.com

Helen Jobson Da Yan ( Albury/Corowa )  jobson@iinet.net.au

Mary Ward (North Coast ) Mary.Ward@ncahs.health.nsw.gov.au

Jemma Rivera (Byron Bay )  jemma@jinglife.com.au

Andrew Judd Level 2 (Forster)  judd662@hotmail.com

Karen Cernicchi Level 3 Da Yan (Central Coast ) carlokaren_c@yahoo.com

Jaye Roberts (Port Macquarie )  jaye@essenture.com.au

Kathy Cook Level 2 Da Yan (Central Coast) kathycook53@hotmail.com

Margitta Fitzner Da Yan (Ballina ) quakquak@ozemail.com.au

John Chew Da Yan (Sydney) jchew75@hotmail.com

Helen Ryan Level 1 (Dubbo) helenmlryan@protonmail.com

Tony Caine Level 3 (Orange ) tony.g.caine@gmail.com

Leigh Murphy Level 2 (Tamworth NSW) leigh.29092@gmail.com

Jim Christie Level 1 (Southern Highlands ) chairman1@internode.on.net

Vanessa King Level 1 (Sydney)  vanking@bigpond.com

Penelope Carr Level 1 (Sydney) penelope@alexandertechniqueconsultant.com

Yoon Soo An Level 2 (Central Coast)  yoonsoo.an@gmail.com

Leesa Constantine Level 1 (Mid North Coast)  leesa@constantine.net.au

Beverley Mudge Level 1 (Newcastle )bevmudge@live.com

Susan Jackson Thomas Level 1 Da Yan (Camden)  lepetitpalais@bigpond.com

Mark Pennington  Level 1 (Sthern Highlands)  markopeno@bigpond.com

Julio Martirena Level 2 (Blue Mts)   martirena1@gmail.com

Deb James Level 2  (Central Coast)  deb.james@me.com

Vonnie Mas Level 1 (Central Coast)   vonniema@bigpond.com

Melanie Bean Level 2 (Central Coast)  melaniemcl@hotmail.com

Heather Keens Level 2 (Sydney)   hkeens@tpg.com.au

Viviane Blake Level 2 (Blue Mountains)  viviane@tank.com.au

 Anna Fisher Level 1 (Blue Mountains)  anahart71@yahoo.com.au

 Margaret Evans Level 1 (Jervis Bay)   margevans846@gmail.com

Joanne Fabri Level 1 (Jarvis Bay)  jrippleffect@gmail.com

Julie Jarvis Level 2 (Shellharbour) shellcoveyoga@hotmail.com

Germaine King Level 1 (Central Coast)   germaine.m.king@gmail.com

 Margaret Body Level 2 (Syd – Nthrn Beaches)  margbod@bigpond.com

 Penny Auburn Level 1 (Syd – Nthrn Beaches)  penauburn@gmail.com

 Alan Tran Level 1 (Syd- Kograh)  shallaustralia@gmail.com

 Maria Gouskos Level 1 (Sydney)  mia_gouskos@live.com

 Rena Czaplinska – Archer  Level 1 (Sydney)   rena7@tpg.com.au 

 Gloria Yiangou  Level 1 (Sydney)   ghandavii23@gmail.com 

 Paris Ang Level 1 (Sydney)  paris_ang@ymail.com

 Deborah Flynn Level 1 (Port Macquarie)  debdebfly@hotmail.com

 Jennie Smith Level 1 (Sydney) jenniesmith7@gmail .com

 Glen Davidson Level 1 (Mid Nth Coast) gdavidson888@gmail.com

 Marc Harry Level 1 (Sydney)  marcharrythreelinks@gmail.com







Canberra (ACT)

Takako Mizogami Level 1 mizogamitakako@gmail.com

Angie Liu Level 1 angie@piniri.com.au



Tasmania (Tas)

Sylvia Merope Da Yan (Cygnet )  sylv.merope@gmail.com

Wendy Hartshorn Da Yan (Hobart )  hartshorn1@iinet.net.au

Jay McGough Level 1 Da Yan (Sisters Beach )  zenji.taiji.qigong@gmail.com

Elizabeth Atkins Level 3 (Launceston ) lizzieatkins1@gmail.com



Queensland (Qld)

David Tsang Level 2 Da Yan (Brisbane ) tsangdl@gmail.com 

Gwyneth Rowlands Level 3 (Cairns ) bodymindbreathcentre@gmail.com

Jan Daniels Level 2 (Rockhampton ) waynefd@bigpond.com

Kathryn Weeks Level 3 (Cairns and Atherton Tablelands ) kathryn.weeks@outlook.com

Renee Cashman Level 3 (Cairns and Atherton Tablelands ) soundangel@beeuniversal.org

Robert McAlpine Level 3 (Cairns and Atherton Tablelands ) tsdmrkfnq@gmail.com

Lorri Sheldon Level 1 Da Yan (Sunshine Coast ) lozzabear33@gmail.com

 Sian Schofield  Level 1 (Brisbane) sian100@gmail.com  

 Lyn Hill (Maleny) lhill.rhill@gmail.com

Megan Conran Level 1 Da Yan (Sunshine Coast) m.walker@westnet.com.au

Andrew Galea Level 1 (Central Qld) aghomeopathy@gmail.com 

Angela Larose (Gladstone) angela.larose@essentialbodytraining.com.au

Lesley Jenkins Level 3 (Atherton Tablelands ) lesleyjenkins50@gmail.com

Ann Prowse Level 3 Da Yan (Atherton Tablelands ) sacredwaterssanctuary@gmail.com

Maria  Gillander (Atherton Tablelands ) maria.gillanders@health.qld.gov.au

Kathy Crane Level 2 (South Burnett) youinfocus@datawave.net.au

Naomi Gormly Level 1 (South Burnett) naomi.gormly@gmail.com

Mary Smythe Level 1 (Noosa) smythemary@yahoo.com.au

Louise Peach Level 1 (Mackay) louisepeach@hotmail.com

Cherrie Knox Level 1 (Cairns)  cherriekn@hotmail.com.au





 Victoria (Vic) 

Faye Sizeland Level 3 (Echuca ) alansizeland1952@dodo.com.au

Donna Rodda Level 3 Da Yan (Shepparton ) donnarodda@gmail.com

Frank Pierce Level 3 Da Yan (Euroa ) pierce.f@bigpond.com

Coralie Crocker  Level 2 (Melbourne) coralwincro@gmail.com

Debbie Midolo (Yarrawanga ) nurturenaturetherapies@gmail.com

Vivien Watmough Level 3 Da Yan (Euroa ) vivienwatmough@smartchat.net.au

Maree Chadwick Da Yan (Melbourne )  mareechadwick@optusnet.com.au

Michael Dunstan (Melbourne) qigongspirit@gmail.com

Kathryn Piggott Level 3 (Melbourne ) kathrynpiggott@hotmail.com

 Arthur Vassiliou Level 3 (Melbourne ) tao.of.wellbeing.arthurv@gmail.com


Addika Galea  Level 1 (Bendigo) addika@live.com.au 


Lisa Shortridge   Level 1  (Shepparton)  lisashortridge@gmail.com

Michelle Bisetto  Level 2 (Melbourne)  mishiatsu@bigpond.com

Michelle Redman  Level 1 (Yarra Valley) michelle@vitalitymoves.com

Ian Aiko Kong Law Level 1 (Melbourne) ialaw1@hotmail.com

 Amanda Hogan Level 1 (Wangaratta)   amanda@hoganhealth.com.au


Nichole Betts Level 1 (Melbourne)  nicholebetts@gmail.com

 Jen Scandolera Level 1 (Shepparton)   inabalanceyoga@gmail.com

Michelle Hubble Level 1 (Horsham area)  suvita.yoga.pilates@gmail.com

Justine McGill Level 1 (Melbourne) justinemcgill@yahoo.com

Linda Heveren Level 1 (Seymour)  linda.hev2@gmail.com




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