Other teachers

I’m happy to refer Qigong Teachers in other areas of Australia.

All of these teachers have had many years of training and some have completed the Simon Blow Qigong Teacher training program, which is indicated as either Level 1,2 or 3. The Da Yan instructors have all traveled to China and are authorised by Grand Master Chen, 28th Linage Holder Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong. All of the listed teachers I know personally and teach true authentic styles of Qigong. They all have a passion to share the Chinese healing exercises and are honest and trust worthy professionals.


Angie LiuLevel 2Canberra angie@piniri.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Takako MizogamiLevel 1Canberra mizogamitakako@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher

New South Wales (NSW)

Adrienne RobertsLevel 3
Da Yan
Newcastle adrienne.roberts@tpg.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Karen CernicchiLevel 3
Da Yan
Central Coastcarlokaren_c@yahoo.com🔍 View Teacher
Deanne AllanLevel 3Blueys Beachshenwellness@outlook.com🔍 View Teacher
Tony CaineLevel 3Orange tony.g.caine@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Margaret BodyLevel 3Sydney - Northern Beaches and Mosmanmargaret@elanora.physio🔍 View Teacher
Lisa McEvoyLevel 2
Da Yan
Central Coastlichiwitch@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Kathy CookLevel 2
Da Yan
Central Coastkathycook53@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Andrew JuddLevel 2Forsterjudd662@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Leigh MurphyLevel 2Tamworth NSWleigh.29092@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Yoon Soo AnLevel 2Central Coastyoonsoo.an@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Mark PenningtonLevel 2Sthern Highlandsmarkopeno@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Julio MartirenaLevel 2Blue Mtsmartirena1@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Deb JamesLevel 2Central Coastdeb.james@me.com🔍 View Teacher
Vonnie MasLevel 2Central Coastvonniema@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Melanie BeanLevel 2Central Coast - Long Jettymelaniemcl@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Heather KeensLevel 2Sydneyhkeens@tpg.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Viviane BlakeLevel 2Blue Mountainsviviane@tank.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Joanne FabriLevel 2Jarvis Bayjrippleffect@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Julie RastLevel 2Shellharbourfreespiritedyoga@outlook.com🔍 View Teacher
Penny AuburnLevel 2Syd – Nthrn Beachespenauburn@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Deborah FlynnLevel 2Port Macquariedebdebfly@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Marc HarryLevel 2Sydneymarcharrythreelinks@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Susan Jackson ThomasLevel 1
Da Yan
Camdenlepetitpalais@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Helen RyanLevel 1Dubbohelenmlryan@protonmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jim ChristieLevel 1Southern Highlandschairman1@internode.on.net🔍 View Teacher
Vanessa KingLevel 1Sydneyvanking@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Penelope CarrLevel 1Sydneypenelope@alexandertechniqueconsultant.com🔍 View Teacher
Leesa ConstantineLevel 1Mid North Coastleesa@constantine.net.au🔍 View Teacher
Beverley MudgeLevel 1Newcastle bevmudge@live.com🔍 View Teacher
Anna FisherLevel 1Blue Mountainsanahart71@yahoo.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Margaret EvansLevel 1Jervis Baymargevans846@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Germaine KingLevel 1Central Coastgermaine.m.king@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Alan TranLevel 1Syd- Kograhshallaustralia@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Maria GouskosLevel 1Sydneymia_gouskos@live.com🔍 View Teacher
Rena Czaplinska – ArcherLevel 1Sydneyrena7@tpg.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Gloria YiangouLevel 1Sydneyghandavii23@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Paris AngLevel 1Sydneyparis_ang@ymail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jennie SmithLevel 1Sydneyjenniesmith7@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Glen DavidsonLevel 1Mid Nth Coastgdavidson888@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Barb HawesLevel 1Central Coastbarbhtaichi@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Sarah LynchLevel 1Central Coastsarah@transcendfit.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Karen ForbesLevel 1Scotts Headkazfrey@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Anita MansfieldLevel 1Sydney, Inner Westanita.l.mansfield@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jacob StringaLevel 1Sydney, Inner Westjastring1991@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Adam WiltshireLevel 1Sydney, Inner Westadamwiltshire123@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Tania GrasseschiLevel 1Botany, Katoombatania@orientalwisdom.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Donna LavellLevel 1Newcastledlavellmassage@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Lynn GuilhausLevel 1Tea Gardenslguilhaus@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Cherel WatersDa YanCentral Coastqigongharmony9@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jann ChambersDa YanSydneyjannseleas@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Amber KingDa YanCentral Coastpurplecloudtaichi@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Shirley AldersonDa YanTamworth shirley.massage@me.com🔍 View Teacher
Janita YingDa YanTamworth jjanitaying@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
George FosterDa YanSouth Coast yanshifoo@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Helen JobsonDa YanAlbury/Corowahemjobson@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Margitta FitznerDa YanBallina quakquak@ozemail.com.au🔍 View Teacher
John ChewDa YanSydneyjchew75@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher

Queensland (Qld)

Ann ProwseLevel 3
Da Yan
Atherton Tablelandssacredwaterssanctuary@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Gwyneth RowlandsLevel 3Cairns bodymindbreathcentre@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Kathryn WeeksLevel 3Cairns and Atherton Tablelandskathryn.weeks@outlook.com🔍 View Teacher
Renee CashmanLevel 3Cairns and Atherton Tablelandssoundangel@beeuniversal.org🔍 View Teacher
Robert McAlpineLevel 3Cairns and Atherton Tablelandstsdmrkfnq@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Lesley JenkinsLevel 3Atherton Tablelandslesleyjenkins50@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
David TsangLevel 2
Da Yan
Brisbane tsangdl@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jan DanielsLevel 2Rockhampton waynefd@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Sian SchofieldLevel 2Brisbanesian100@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Kathy CraneLevel 2South Burnettyouinfocus@datawave.net.au🔍 View Teacher
Louise PeachLevel 2Mackaylouisepeach@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Stefan PorajskiLevel 2Atherton Tablelandsstefanporajski@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Lorri SheldonLevel 1
Da Yan
Sunshine Coastlozzabear33@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Megan ConranLevel 1
Da Yan
Sunshine Coastm.walker@westnet.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Andrew GaleaLevel 1Central Qldaghomeopathy@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Naomi GormlyLevel 1South Burnettnaomi.gormly@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Mary SmytheLevel 1Noosasmythemary@yahoo.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Cherrie KnoxLevel 1Cairnscherriekn@hotmail.com.au🔍 View Teacher

South Australia

Churn Chi KoayLevel 2Fleurieu Peninsula - Mount Compasschurnchiqigong@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher

Tasmania (Tas)

Elizabeth AtkinsLevel 3Launcestonlizzieatkins1@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jay McGoughLevel 1
Da Yan
Sisters Beachzenji.taiji.qigong@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Sylvia MeropeDa YanCygnet sylv.merope@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Wendy HartshornDa YanHobart hartshorn1@iinet.net.au🔍 View Teacher

Victoria (Vic)

Donna RoddaLevel 3
Da Yan
Shepparton donnarodda@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Frank PierceLevel 3
Da Yan
Euroa pierce.f@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Vivien WatmoughLevel 3
Da Yan
Euroa vivienwatmough@smartchat.net.au🔍 View Teacher
Faye SizelandLevel 3Echuca alansizeland1952@dodo.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Kathryn PiggottLevel 3Melbourne kathrynpiggott@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Arthur VassiliouLevel 3Melbourne tao.of.wellbeing.arthurv@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Coralie CrockerLevel 2Melbournecoralwincro@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Michelle BisettoLevel 2Melbournemishiatsu@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Addika GaleaLevel 1Bendigoaddika@live.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Lisa ShortridgeLevel 1Sheppartonlisashortridge@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Michelle RedmanLevel 1Yarra Valleymichelle@vitalitymoves.com🔍 View Teacher
Ian Aiko Kong LawLevel 1Melbourneialaw1@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Amanda HoganLevel 1Wangarattaamanda@hoganhealth.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Lindsey MylesLevel 1Ballaratlmyles58@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Justin YoungLevel 1Melbourneto.justin.young@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Nichole BettsLevel 1Melbournenicholebetts@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Barb TrainorLevel 1Euroabarbs_august@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Jen ScandoleraLevel 1Sheppartoninabalanceyoga@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Michelle HubbleLevel 1Horsham areasuvita.yoga.pilates@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Justine McGillLevel 1Melbournejustinemcgill@yahoo.com🔍 View Teacher
Linda HeverenLevel 1Seymourlinda.hev2@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Ben HardmanLevel 1Tallarook, North East Victoriabenhardman@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Maree ChadwickDa YanMelbourne mareechadwick@optusnet.com.au🔍 View Teacher