Workshops and Retreats

[heading type=3]Future workshops and residential retreats with Qigong Master “Simon Blow” [/heading]

If you are interested in helping organise a workshop or retreat in your local area


“One of the best retreats I’ve ever attended. The combination of qigong and meditation in a spiritual monastery setting works wonderfully. Simon’s long teaching experience and easygoing attitude only added to the great feeling. I would recommend this retreat to anyone.” Lindsay K. Tai chi instructor

“Retreats such as those offered by Simon Blow provide welcome respite from the business many of us have in our lives. Taking part in one of Simons’ retreats allows rediscovery of the benefits that regular Qi Gong and meditation provide. The tranquil surrounds, delicious food and presence of like-minded people combine to make this a worthwhile experience.” Mary R Menotti – Practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

“I have done qi gong training with a number of different masters in US, UK , and Australia . Simon’s teaching is totally authentic and intensely enjoyable. After one of Simon’s retreats you will be between heaven and earth, spiritually alive and completely earthed. One could not ask for more.” Tony

“As a zen monk I found Simon Blows Chi Gong retreat excellent. The gentle movements not only allowed me to relax the body and mind on the surface but to enter deeper meditation and experience a centeredness that is not only helpful to my health but allowed me to look deeper into my true enlightened nature. I beleive Simon’s retreats would be of great benefit to anyone especially those who find it difficult to do sitting meditation. Try it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised”. Bul Hae Sunim, Zen monk

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