Teacher: Level 2

Angie Liu


Angie Liu is a qualified Master Simon Blow Level 2 Qigong practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health coach. Angie discovered the healing power of Qigong over ten years ago when there was limited information available on how to heal from chronic inflammation and pain.

Deciding to return to her roots, she travelled to China in 2011 to explore Qigong, where she learnt how movement, breathwork and meditation could help restore harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

By combining traditional energy practices and contemporary approaches, Angie works with a broad range of clients to help them find healing pathways that use Qigong to restore wellbeing.


Angie’s passionate about how Qigong can bring joy, harmony, strength, and resilience into our lives. She has grown up around the traditional Chinese healing arts and has maternal lineage to Tai Chi masters.

Angie has studied with teachers at San Feng Academy, Wudang Mountain, and Shanghai Sports University, and along with completing her training with Master Simon Blow, she has trained with Master Robert Peng, Daisy Lee, and Lee Holden.

She works closely with Traditional Chinese Medicine therapists and health practitioners to spread the benefits of Qigong and how it can help prevent injuries and support recovery.

Angie hopes that raising awareness of self-care practices such as Qigong will create a ripple effect that empowers individuals to use food and movement as medicine to help achieve harmony and balance.


Angie leads regular in-person and online classes, workshops and retreats in Canberra, Australia. Angie is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her students and takes the time to help build and strengthen their practice.

Key areas of focus include women’s Qigong- a practice that aims to support women in their daily lives, medical Qigong, chronic pain, and empowering individuals to find the right type of nourishment, and healing modalities to manage the stressors associated with living in a modern world.