Teacher: Level 2

Ben Hardman


I’m interested in giving others the opportunity to enjoy good health and wellbeing through practising Qigong. I’m a teacher and lifelong learner and I enjoy learning new movements and developing my knowledge about the benefits of Qigong. I aim to continue learning Qigong and  implementing it in my practice, so I can improve my understanding and teaching.

To date, I have done classes with family, friends, and colleagues, taking on their feedback and refining my teaching practice.


I started learning Qigong over five years ago when my health was poor and rapidly declining. I wanted to take control of my health and decided to try Qigong and Tai Chi. Since then my health has improved- chronic issues such as asthma have disappeared, my physical ailments have gone and my balance and flexibility have improved.

I did classes with my local teacher Brent Davies who taught us the movements from Master Simon Blow’s book the ‘Art of Life’, and after a while, I practised every day.

When I purchased the book and DVD, my practice and understanding improved as I could follow the movements on the CD and read the book, which includes diagrams and a deeper level of information.

Then in 2021, I decided to do Level 1 Qigong teacher training with Simon as I wanted to further my own knowledge and practice. Then in 2022, I completed Level 2 after deciding that I would like to teach Qigong.


Currently, I teach Shibashi, Ba Duan Jin and Guigen Qigong.

My lessons include warmups, Qigong, self-massage and quiet sitting/meditation. I follow the teaching methods and format that Simon has taught me and adjust the lessons to suit the people I am teaching. I continue to learn other forms of Qigong and will include them in my teaching as I develop my technique, knowledge and understanding.