Teacher: Level 5 Master Teacher

Cherel Waters


I have been teaching Qigong since 2008 and hold classes on the Central Coast, NSW. I have travelled with Master Simon Blow to China six times to train with the masters in Beijing and Wuhan. I have learned to respect their teachings to keep the Qigong authentic, and this is how I love to teach.


My Qigong journey began in 2006. After doing Tai Chi for ten years, I was fortunate to find Master Simon Blow teaching at Crows Nest. I felt like I had come home. I was excited. Qigong was what I had been searching for, and with Simon’s encouragement, I started my first classes in 2008. My students are older women and men who need the movement, gentle exercises, and the feeling of Qi as it moves through their bodies. Many of my students have been practising with me from the very beginning.

I became a student of Master Chen Chuan Gang, the 28th Lineage holder of Dayan Wild Goose Qigong. In 2011 in Lu Yi, China, I received my first certificate to teach Wild Goose 1.   

In 2014 I travelled to Wuhan, China with two other teachers to train personally with Master Chen and Madam Chen. In 2015 I became qualified to teach Wild Goose 2, and I’m now an accepted disciple- a 29th Lineage Student of Dayan Qi Gong. 

I have also trained with other masters in Australia, learning forms besides those taught by Master Simon Blow (which are Shibashi 1, Guigen, Ba Duan Jin- both sitting and standing forms). This has allowed me to teach many other forms of Qigong, such as Dragon Gate Standing Pole, Wuji Qigong, Shibashi 2 and 3, Fragrant Gong and Train the Brain Qigong.


I continue to teach Wild Goose 1 and Wild Goose 2. My goal is to encourage each student to experience the Qi flow, to allow them to reach their own health goals, to help release stresses in their lives and to keep older people healthy as they age.

Classes are held Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the open air (COVID safe) at the Woy Woy Lions Park so that we can soak up the energy of the surrounding waterways and parkland.