Teacher: Level 2

Coralie Crocker


Coralie Crocker has been teaching Qigong since completing Level 2 teacher training with Master Simon Blow and has attended many of his workshops and retreats. She loves sharing the self-healing benefits of Qigong practice and seeing participants leave class feeling relaxed, calm and more positive.


Coralie has also been leading Tai Chi classes since 2012 and now includes an equal component of Qigong in all her Tai Chi sessions.  


Coralie offers Qigong and Tai Chi at regular weekly daytime classes in South-East Melbourne and conducts occasional weekend workshops and introductory sessions for community groups. 

Qigong forms: Shibashi 1 and 2, Ba Duan Jin, Wudang Longevity Qigong, Guigen Qigong, Liu He Gong, Six Healing Sounds and Lotus.