Teacher: Level 3

Deanne Allan


Deanne’s work became a way of life as she pursued her ongoing education in natural therapies in the mid-1990s. She has gained qualifications as a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Remedial Therapist, with certification as a Mind-Body Qi Energy Healer, Wellness Coach, and  Level 3 Medical Qigong Instructor. Deanne looks to address all aspects of her client’s health with a broad approach and many tools. She calls it a mind-body approach where she relies heavily on her Qigong practice. She describes Qigong, breathwork and meditation as the missing link that makes her practice so effective.

In 2015 Deanne started following Master Simon Blow on the internet, practising his classes on YouTube and then purchasing his books and CDs ‘The Art of Life’ and ‘Restoring Natural Harmony’. Her first workshop was the Liu He Gong (Six Unity), but without a doubt, the highlight of her Qigong journey was the study tour to China with specialised training at the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute in 2018 with Master Simon Blow. 


Deanne discovered the wonderful world of Qigong 25 years ago when she completed a Diploma in Chinese Medicine Chi Acupressure Massage, where Taiji Shibashi was taught as a way of assisting both therapists and clients.

Qigong has helped her many times in her life through health conditions, one being when she contracted the Ross River virus. With its mindful movements and breathing techniques, Qigong helped her push through the physical limitations of this debilitating disease and the mental health side of depression and anxiety.


Deanne teaches many styles of Qigong, including Medical Guigen Qigong, Ba Duan Jin, Taiji Shibashi, Liu He Gong and the Six Healing Sounds. Over her 25 years of working with Chinese Medicine, she has developed classes for the elderly which focus on falls prevention and for children where there is an element of animation using dance and sound.

Over the last few years, Deanne implemented her online Zoom classes to cater to clients who were isolated at home during the COVID pandemic. This has led to a much more specialised opportunity to assist people with serious health conditions to feel safe to practise their Qigong from home or hospital. In her naturopathic practice, Deanne has witnessed anxiety and stress disorders increasing, and therefore her one-on-one tuition in Qigong and breathwork have never been needed more.

Weekly classes are held each Thursday at Blueys Beach, and they cater to all ages and levels of fitness. They are practised in the tranquil setting of the Blueys Beach Natural Health Centres’ Buddha Garden amongst the palms with the background ambience of the Balinese water fountain.

Saturday classes are practised on the beach or the lake’s edge.