Teacher: Level 3

Deborah Flynn


I had wished to learn Tai Chi for many years and finally had the chance when I moved to Port Macquarie in January 2016. I very quickly became a dedicated and diligent student. Shortly after, I was offered the opportunity to train to become an instructor under a Tai Chi master in Yang style Tai Chi including Tai Chi fan and Tai Chi sword etc. After several years teaching Tai Chi, I segued into Qigong after discovering Master Simon Blow and attending one of his workshops in my local area in 2019. After that workshop, I was ‘hooked’ and knew I wanted to learn as much as possible about Qigong and share that knowledge with others. I subsequently attended several workshops by Master Simon Blow and undertook his teacher training program, achieving Level 3 in early 2022.


I teach Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, Guigen Five Element Qigong and Liu He Gong, including other forms of Qigong and Tai Chi I have learned along the way. I currently run sessions for two separate groups each week at a beautiful outdoor location. I also teach individual students in private one-on-one sessions in both Tai Chi and Qigong. 

Some of my goals include increasing the number of students I can share the wonderful gift of Qigong with, learning and teaching the Wild Goose First 64 and Second 64 movements (I have already learned the Wild Goose Rainy Day Practice), and to one day travel to China on a study tour with Master Simon Blow.