Teacher: Level 2

Karen Forbes


Hi, I’m Karen, a Level 2 Qigong teacher with Master Simon Blow. I teach a variety of Qigong breathing exercises and I’m authorised to teach practices as taught to me by Master Simon Blow.

These practices are: 

Ba Duan Jin (Eight Method Essence). This is one of the most renowned and widely practised forms of Qigong. Also known as the ‘Eight Pieces of Brocade’ and ‘Taoist Yoga’, it is a Wei Dan Gong style of Qigong which translates to ‘external elixir training’. The physical stretching movements stimulate the Qi flow throughout the organ meridians increasing the strength and flexibility of the body.

Shi Ba Shi, (translates to ‘eighteen forms’) is a set of eighteen movements where the interaction of Yin and Yang helps bring harmony to the mind, body and breath.

Guigen Qigong (translates to ‘returning to the source or root’), returns the primordial energy from which everything emerges. This set of exercises works to stimulate different meridians to help balance the Qi.


I first attended one of Simon’s Qigong workshops around 2004, and have enjoyed his practices since, attending many workshops, and recently the teacher training sessions.


Over the last 18 years, I’ve been practising Qigong in the local reserve at Scotts Head, NSW inviting the public to join in. Most of the practices are in mirror image so beginners are most welcome. This is a free community service program.