Teacher: Level 2

Kathy Cook


In 2000, I searched for a gentle exercise to help manage my stress and anxiety while coping with a very challenging work position and a busy family life.

I began my journey by attending Tai Chi classes, and then my interest moved to learning and studying the ancient art of Qigong.

I found Qigong’s focus wasn’t on self-defence or martial arts but on working with the energy pathways, increasing health (physical, mental and spiritual) and longevity.

Sharing the health benefits of Qigong is my motivation in providing classes for others.


Since then, I’ve:

  • Studied under Qigong masters in Australia and China since 2006
  • Completed Level 1 and Level 2 Qigong teacher training with Master Simon Blow in 2018
  • Attended yearly Qigong workshops with Master Simon Blow since 2009


Classes are held in a supportive and positive environment. Regular practice makes you feel more relaxed, energised, and aware of the health benefits.

You don’t need to have any experience or special skillset to come along, and you don’t even need to come every week to feel the benefits.

I teach the Qigong form ‘Shibashi’ during class, also called ‘Taiji Qigong in 18 Movements’. Shibashi is a gentle and flowing exercise that is very relaxing and suitable for all ages.

Classes are held Wednesdays from 9 am- 10 am at the Wyee Community Hall in the Lower Lake Macquari NSW.