Teacher: Level 3

Marc Harry


Marc Harry Three Links: Chi Boxing, Qigong and Dragon Fire Qigong 

I have been practising Qigong most days since October 2014. I practise two times a day for at least 1.5- 2 hours, but I also do little bits or quick methods between these sessions. I then have a break from long training for a couple of days to allow the energy to settle. 


I started my ‘Chi Boxing’ form in April 2014. I created this form to suit my body and mind restoration and healing. It is done in a ‘dynamic Chi Kung’ style. This later became ‘Qigong’ along with my transitional form of dynamic Qigong ‘Dragon Fire’.

I have studied and adapted healing platforms into my forms from various proven Masters’ forms. ‘Yi Jin Jing’ from Master Tang Lai Wei and ‘Eight Trigrams Nei Gong’ from Master Jean Jaques Galinier. 

Previously I practised internal martial arts before being hit by a drunk driver one day after my first student in October 1986. I adapted my ‘Chi Boxing’ and Qigong forms from this martial arts background and created the ‘Xi Sui Jing’ form for brain marrow cleansing. I feel deeply that this training helped save my life after this vehicle accident from greater injury or death! 

I have also had many different instructors over time from which I derive my knowledge base. ‘Ba Duan Jin’, ‘Shibashi’, ‘Guigen’ and ‘Liu He Gong’ from Master Simon Blow are also part of my Qigong life pathway platforms. 

Along with these tried and proven methods, I created a series of dynamic movements ‘Dong Gong’, ‘Macrocosmic Eagle’, ‘Da Wu Dance Stretch’, ‘Dragon Stands Like a Tree’ and ‘Tree of Life’, to help me go beyond the ‘breakage and blockage’ elements of my ailments. Mind (from Buddhist meditations at the Kadampa temple) and spinal damage physiology understanding were also incorporated into my life pathway. 


Due to my history of injury and dilemma, and after reading about healing for depression, I created a hybrid exercise including Tai Chi Chuan, H-sing I Chuan, Bagua Zhang and Boxing style with a Qigong platform.

As my ‘Chi Boxing’ form progressed into a complete system, the ‘Tiger Dragon’ (five forms in one) emerged. 

I intend to deliver teaching and training in all aspects of the: Three Links: Chi Boxing, Qigong and Dragon Fire Qigong (levels 1 and 2).