Teacher: Da Yan

Maree Chadwick


Maree is passionate about sharing her love of and expertise in Qigong with family, friends and other people wherever she travels- seeking out Qigong opportunities in China, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA. Some highlights of her trips to China with Master Simon Blow include the opportunities to share morning practice with local people in the parks and visiting monasteries and sacred mountains to learn more about Qigong.  

Regular ongoing Qigong practice has taught Maree to stress less about problems- by taking time to do Qigong and establish a healthy energy flow, life flows more calmly. The practice helps focus, decision-making, and letting go of past negative experiences. Studying Qigong with Master Simon Blow has also led to an ongoing interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Maree credits regular Qigong Zoom online classes with Master Simon Blow and Lee Holden (Santa Cruz, USA) during the 2020- 2021 lockdowns with maintaining her sanity and fitness!


Maree, an Occupational Therapist for many years, came to martial arts through teaching Tai Chi for Arthritis in rehabilitation in 1998. She subsequently trained specialised Tai Chi instructors for Arthritis Victoria for six years. Absorbed by Tai Chi and Qigong, she visited China four times for further training from 2001 onwards. She now focuses on Qigong in various forms, which is her passion.

Maree has happily taught and presented to diverse groups aged 5 to 95 years, ranging from corporate clients to retirement villages, kindergarten, aged care homes, community centres, and individual students.  

Through sharing Qigong, life has been enriched by great friendships with like-minded people.  The health benefits are extensive and well documented. Two of her classes have run consistently for over ten years, sharing enthusiasm, determination, fun, laughter and tears.


Maree currently leads weekly Qigong classes at a local community house in Mitcham, private aged care facilities, and with individual clients in Melbourne, Victoria.  

Forms taught by Maree include Great Stork, Shibashi, Ba Duan Jin (seated and standing), Six Unity, I Chuan, Wild Goose Part 1, Longevity Qigong and Qigong for Balance.