Teacher: Level 3

Robert McAlpine


As a Level 3 student of Master Simon Blow, I have been running classes for the past five years every week, including Ba Duan Jin, Shibashi, and Longevity Qigong. I also run Guigen Medical Qigong courses with my wife, instructor Renee Cashman.

I’ve developed an understanding of anatomy and physiology while working as a Theatre Assistant in operating theatres and the Mines Rescue brigade. I also hold a Certificate IV in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance). This experience greatly enhances my ability to educate students.



I was introduced to Qigong through my martial arts training over 20 years ago. However, these forms of Qigong were used for hardening the body for breaking techniques, and now these forms are softer and used for healing techniques.

I am a 3rd Dan in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art. I have been trained by Grand Master Shin in Oriental Healing in Korean Hand Therapy and Moxibustion, and I am a Reiki Master.


Classes are held in Cairns and Mareeba.