Teacher: Level 2

Stefan Porajski


As a Level 2 teacher, I hope to work with other teachers to bring more Qigong to Australia’s far north and outback areas. As I expand my knowledge with more training through Master Simon Blow’s styles and teachings, I aim to support others who wish to learn such a wonderful and ancient art. 

I hope that I will be able to visit China to learn more about Qigong and see where the arts of healing and harmony have come from. 


When I started learning martial arts, I met a husband and wife who were students of Master Simon Blow. Through them, I began studying Qigong, and after my first weekend course (learning Guigen Qigong- 5 elements form), I realised that Qigong would become an important part of my life.

After meeting Master Simon Blow, I wanted to start the path to becoming a teacher so I could pass on this great knowledge to others.


I will be teaching Qigong in the Atherton Tablelands and Cairns region of Far North QLD, and eventually, I hope to expand to other Far North QLD areas.