Teacher: Da Yan

Sylvia Merope


I am a teacher of the Da Yan/Wild Goose system and have travelled to China several times to study under the guidance of Master Chen Chuan Gang and Master Simon Blow. 

I also teach shorter forms and meditations, but the Wild Goose is my core practice, including the two long forms and the Da Yan Dance, which is a beautiful and graceful form.

I have studied and continue to study with different teachers and masters, some of them online, deepening my knowledge and practice of Qigong, Chinese medicine and my understanding of the world.

I am studying with Master Chunyi Lin to become a Qigong healer.


I came to Qigong over 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and did not want to regularly use medications with strong side effects. 

I wanted to find a gentle but powerful practice that would heal my body and mind, open my heart to others and make me a more understanding and compassionate person.


I teach in the small towns of Cygnet and Woodbridge over the hill and love the kindness and dedication of my students.

I teach self-healing Qigong and try to give my students tools and practices to heal themselves and help others around them.