Teacher: Level 3

Vonnie Maas


I am Vonnie, a Level 3 Qigong teacher with Master Simon Blow Qigong

I have completed my Level 2 teacher training in June 2021 and have completed my Level 3, April 2022 including a certified unit in ‘Understanding the Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine’ through the Australian College of Eastern Medicine, and November 2022 attained Qigong training in Da Yan Wild Goose 1st 64 movements.

Qigong is a gentle, yet powerful practice cultivating the energy/Qi and strength of nature, from the food, water, air, and the
environment we absorb into our body to promote better mental, physical, and spiritual health.


My Qigong journey began in November 2014, when I started practicing with Lisa McEvoy from Hands of Balance Qigong Taiji then also with Master Simon, from Simon Blow Qigong to learn more. I discovered the benefits and I really connected with Qigong, this ancient practice has helped me discover the calmness of my mind, leading to inner and outer strength. Qigong gave me purpose and happiness.


My classes include grounding, connecting in with self and nature, gentle warmups, stretching of the joints and ligaments, bringing your awareness inward, a Qi practice, breathwork and meditation. I like to work in connection with nature, the seasons and with the five elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire and I like to bring an integrated approach for health and
happiness to the whole-body mind and spirit.

No prior knowledge of Qigong required just come and join the Qi flow

The benefits of doing Qigong, MAY help in:

  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Improving your balance and flexibility
  • Reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases
  • Building your body’s immune system
  • Lowering blood pressure