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We are just back from China. Over the last twenty years we have had many amazing experiences traveling into the wildness of this amazing country. This year we spent quality time in the northern region enjoying Mongolian hospitality, it was the perfect place to watch the sun set across the Grasslands then the best place to practise Qigong as the sun rose awaking another fantastic day. This is the 4th group we have taken to this area and we are planning on returning in 2023. See more photos below.
This year has gone so fast now as in a few months we are getting ready to welcome in another year. The Da Yan - Wild Goose Retreats at Euroa, Victoria and Minto near Sydney are closed. The May China Daoist Culture and Da Yan Tour is nearly booked out, but we do have spaces available for the September Tour later in the year. Please contact me as soon as you can if you would like to join us.

Weekend Qigong Workshops

We have the last of the workshops arranged for this year so here's last chance - please book in with the local contacts:
The program for the 2020 weekend workshop and retreats will be released very soon and published on our website and the next newsletter will go out in December.
We will be conducting two 4 day Intensive Qigong teacher training (QTT) programs once again in 2019. These workshops have been designed for those who already have a good working knowledge of the Qigong practises from the book/DVDs The Art of Life and Restoring Natural Harmony. Please join us late March at Euroa, North East Victoria then at Minto, South West Sydney mid June - see course information. If you are interested in attending please contact me directly. See venue details.  
Ripple Effect of Workshops and Retreats lead by Simon Blow
The World Academic Society of Medical Qigong (WASMQ) Conference
I'm just about to leave for Beijing to give a presentation and published paper at the WASMQ Conference, which is attended by an audience from both China and internationally. I will  be reporting on an overview of the work I have been doing over the last thirty years, including publishing of books, DVDs and audio CDs. Qigong Teacher Training, China Qigong Study Tours and the spread of Qigong understanding through local community workshops and retreats undertaken in different areas of Australia.

The  map above demonstrates the rippling effect of Qigong workshops and retreats conducted in Australia. The location and number of events held are represented by the size and placement of circles (small = 5, large > 20+).

A full report will be available on the website and an executive summary published  in the December newsletter.

On this years China Qigong Study Tour we visited a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital at Datong in Shanxi Province. We had five nurses traveling as members of our group and they shared a special personal bond with the nurses from the hospital. We also visited here in 2016 and they had photos of that visit on display in their reception area.