Wudang Sitting Ba Duan Jin Section 1

Wudang Ba Duan Jin – Sitting Practice – Nurturing Life Qigong. This ancient Qigong practice focuses on the circulation of Qi around the Heavenly Orbit.

Grand Master Zhong Yunlong taught this practice to me in September 2000 at Wudang Mountain in China. He has given me the authority to share the healing benefits of these techniques with others.


We meditate on the three energy centres for a few minutes starting with the Hui Yin, then the Bai Hui and, the Dan Tian.

With our awareness and breath, we thread these points together. As you breathe in, allow the Qi to rise up the back along the ‘Du’ channel (Yang) from the Hui Yin point at the base of the body to the Bai Hui point at the top of the head.

As you breathe out allow the Qi to descend along the ‘Ren’ channel (Yin) down the front of the body to the Dan Tian area below the navel (C).

This breathing pattern, called circulation breathing, is done three times between each section of the sitting Ba Duan Jin.

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