Wudang Sitting Ba Duan Jin Section 5

Wudang Ba Duan Jin – Sitting Practice Section 5 – Nurturing Life Qigong. This ancient Qigong practice focuses on the circulation of Qi around the Heavenly Orbit. Grand Master Zhong Yunlong taught this practice to me in September 2000 at Wudang Mountain in China. He has given me the authority to share the healing benefits of these techniques with others.

Wudang Sitting Ba Duan Jin Section 5 contains excerpts from the Book and DVD – Absorbing the Essence by Qigong Master Simon Blow.

Wudang Ba Duan Jin – Sitting Practice – Nurturing Life-Qigong

Section 7: Tapping The Roof.  This helps stimulate the Qi through the whole body.

Section 8: Dragon Resting on the Bottom of the Sea. Stimulates and strengthens the Qi

Grand Master Zhong Yunlong Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTUz2…

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