Ba Duan Jin Section No 4 – Standing Qigong

In this video Qigong Master Simon Blow demonstrates Ba Duan Jin Section No 4 – also known as the Eight Pieces of Brocade Excerpts from the Book and DVD – The Art of Life by Simon Blow

Seventh Piece — Regulating the Heart, Small Intestine and Pericardium Channels

Eighth Piece — Spinal Jolt, This final section stimulates the energy up the back and to all the organs. Finishing — face rubbing

Opening your eyes. Stepping into the horse standing stance once again. Open the tigers mouth with the fingers behind the knees and move to the right – look to the left.

Come back and look to the front. Take it gently. Move to the right – look. Keep your knees off lock. Don’t let the head go too low. This movement helps stimulate the heart meridian. In breath – looking to the foot. Out breath we come to the front. Come back. Bring your feet together. Close our eyes, relax and feel.

Open our eyes. Bring the arms up. The hands around in the small of the back. Breath out. In breath – on the toes. Out breath – just come down. In – out – the body comes down.

This movement stimulates the whole system. Gets the excess Qi up the back and shakes the internal organs up. In – out breath come down. The arms to the side. We close our eyes. Just relax and sense the whole body.

This concludes our practice of the eight pieces of brocade. We rub our hands together and rub this vital energy, the vitality into the face around the eyes and cheeks. Around the ears. Give the outside of the ears a good rub to stimulate all the acupressure points here. Tilt the finger. Rub around the inside of the ear. Comb the fingers through the hair. Give the head and scalp a massage. Just where it feels right. The palms across the forehead and rub the hands around the chin.

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