Attending Qigong classes at the Lifehouse has been a wonderful addition to my recovery toolbox. I also practise most mornings at home by following Simons DVD and recently attended a  Qigong retreat in Kincumber which I found out about while attending the Monday class.
Qigong has helped me to manage my thoughts, relax my body and think positively about the future. I would definitely recommend it to any one looking to support their own recovery.


Qigong Master Simon Blow has studied Qigong in my Academy and so deep is his understanding and dedication that he has decided to devote his whole life to further studying Qigong and to teaching others this great treasure of the culture of ancient China. Of all the knowledge and wonderful works of art that China has to offer the world, none is so precious as this knowledge of the Qi, for this is not only a doorway to peace of mind and optimum health – the knowledge of Qi energy illuminates the path to the ultimate understanding of our Universe.

It was in 1994 that I met Simon at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival after which he began study of Qigong in earnest. At that time he had been attracted to Taichi and was teaching Taichi full-time. In 1995 when I came to Sydney again, he was assisting me at the Festival, utitlising every opportunity to further his knowledge of this ancient art. I was giving Simon private lessons then. In 1996 Simon was teaching Qigong full time. When one understands Qigong, thoughts of the Qi enter the mind continuously such that every object and everything happening around one seems to have a connection to the concept of Qi. I have found this “obsession” in Simon.

In 1998 Simon was granted the title of Qigong Master. In studying Qigong, it is important to meet the Masters and Grand Master in China and to visit the important Qi Mountains and temples etc to absorb the powerful Qi energy there. It is for this purpose that Qigong Study Tours have been organised by the Jack Lim Qigong Academy almost every year for over a decade. Qigong Master Simon Blow has twice not only taken part in these tours, he has been tour leader on the two most recent tours where a special period of study were devoted to Qigong Training at the sacred training place of the Taoists- Mt Wudang. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Simon and every one of his students all the best in their efforts to study and further spread the knowledge of Qigong. 

Jack Lim

Qigong Grand Master ,

Simon was guided to the St George Area Intellectual Disability Services Ltd in 1991 in his capacity as a Tai Chi/ relaxation teacher; he is proficient in developing teaching styles that all clients can accomplish, no matter what degree of disability. Simon is patient and professional and has given our clients the opportunity to develop and maintain skills that enhance their self-esteem and confidence. Not only do our clients look foreword to Simon’s arrival on Fridays but also the staff who join in Simon’s class

Robin Meres

Phone 02 9570 2364 I.L./C.A.S Manager

Dear Simon On behalf of the Peaceful Challenge, I would like to personally thank you for being a judge at the 2000 and 2001 Tai Chi International Competition. Once again the competition was a great success, with competitors entering from all around Australia. We also had the pleasure of welcoming competitors and judges from USA and China. It is with the help of people like yourself that give their time and effort that makes it such a success, and helps support a needy charity, we supported The Family Care Centre again this year.

SifuÌs Henry and Joan Murray

I read a book about Qigong in 2005, but did not practise at that time. In 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer and then realised the importance of practising Qigong on a regular basis. I practised twice daily for six months, then daily for some time. Currently, I only practise twice a week due to other work commitments.

Practising Qigong, particularly whilst in my healing process increased my Qi thus strengthening my body and preparing me for my journey of healing. Qigong also helped in calming my mind, I was able to think clearly which helped me to make rational decisions regarding my health.

When I practise Qigong now, I feel very relaxed and can feel different sensations throughout my body, particularly energy from my hands. The warm healing energy I feel after a session of Qigong seems to increase each time I practise. I feel very much at peace and healed.

After many years of strength training with heavy weights, Qigong has improved my flexibility and rigidness both physically and on an emotional level. I did not realise how rigid and stiff I had become from weight training until I began practising Qigong. It also helped calm anxiety attacks.

I truly believe the practice of Qigong played a huge part in my survival of cancer. The healing aspects of Qigong are underestimated particularly by orthodox medicine. I learnt that I can calm my mind and be still and that I can heal my own body. I believe that Qigong has changed my outlook on life and therefore has attracted like-minded people into my life, something that I have been trying to change for a long time.

When I felt the need to teach Qigong, I searched for a Master and fortunately I was guided to Qigong Master Simon Blow. I commenced with Simon’s DVDs and found his instructions and execution of each exercise very easy to follow. I attended several of Simon’s workshops and have found him to be very informative, polite and charming. Simon’s gentle and calm nature exudes through his workshops and creates a wonderful atmosphere. I am ever so grateful that we have crossed paths along my journey of discovering Qigong.

Angela, Queensland

I’ve been practising Qigong for nearly six years and try to do some practice every day. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I read about the benefits of Qigong for cancer patients and decided to investigate it.

My understanding of Qigong is that it’s an ancient Taoist system of movement, breathing and meditation. Taoists believe that the Qi or life force, runs through all things and that stagnation or blockages of Qi in the body can cause illness. It can also enhance a sense of connectedness with internal and external energies, with nature and the spiritual dimension. Some people call it ‘acupuncture without the needles’. Others say it is ‘movement with breath awareness’ or ‘moving meditation’.

Qigong makes me feel calm, more relaxed and centred. It enhances my flexibility and boosts my energy. I believe regular Qigong practice has been significant in helping to control the effects of cancer.

Not only is the practice enjoyable, it also provides a sense of control and of hope – great gifts if one has had a dire diagnosis. Qigong is safe, convenient, free and available to all! In my experience, Qigong can effectively be combined with a range of therapies and practices such as conventional cancer treatments, nutritional support, herbs, meditation and other energetic forms of healing.

After practising and meditating for three hours a day, over a ten-month period (combined with conventional medicine and other therapies), the cancer had totally retreated from my torso. Lungs, pelvis and chest were cancer free. I am convinced Qigong played a very important role in this.

I celebrated of course and let the intensive practice lapse and after some months the cancer reappeared in my bones. However, I could still feel optimistic about the future. Five years later (admittedly after many ups and downs) I’m still here and currently doing well. I certainly do not discount the impact of conventional medicine, which is crucial, but I am convinced Qigong can bring huge benefits to the practitioner.

I have learnt about the remarkable capacity of the body to heal itself given the right circumstances. I have a much stronger intuitive sense of what is happening within my own body, as well as a new sense of connection with the external, immaterial realm.

Marian, NSW

I have been practising Qigong for approximately two years. During winter I do it three times per week but with the days getting longer I can manage five times a week.

I began practising Qigong for health reasons and I was overweight. The doctors could find nothing wrong but I felt as though my body was closing down. I had weight problems all of my life but suddenly decided – no more. Since doing Qigong I have lost 20kg and have done it easily. I’m feeling a lot healthier now, much more flexible. And I’m feeling more in contact with my outer and inner body.

The way I understand Qigong is that the Universe and everything in it is made up of energy. When you do Qigong it’s a way to bring this all together and bring balance within.

While I’m doing Qigong I see that it as my time and space. It brings peace inside and makes me feel as though I’m connected to something much bigger than me. It’s important to take time to really see oneself. You can give yourself and help everyone around you, but you need time for just yourself. It replenishes your own life force energy. Without that you become ill. You die inside.

I’ve never had a partner who cared to dance. It doesn’t matter anymore – when I do Qigong I dance with the Universe!

Dianne, Victoria

Seven years ago I was practising Qigong daily. Now I practise 3-4 times per week.  My wife started doing it for dry eyes when I was having trouble with Meniere’s disease, for which I was told there was no cure. I started Qigong with good results.

When I practise Qigong I feel peaceful, calm, and centred and I am definitely in better health. I now teach Qigong and notice we get better results outside in the open air than inside. Apart from teaching a clan once a week I also introduce trainee Physical Education teachers to Qigong and meditation. Most of them enjoy it and some use it in their teaching. Last year the final year students asked me to teach them again at their camp each morning (they were introduced to Qigong in 2nd year). I would love to do Qigong more in small groups in nature rather than alone!

(Senior Lecturer and Program Co-ordinator, Physical Education, RMIT University, School of Medical Sciences, Melbourne, Vic.)

Leigh, Victoria

I started attending Simon’s Qigong classes three years ago. I now practise for about 30 minutes each day. I started going to classes because I read claims on the internet that Qigong could help relieve arthritis pain and that led me to ‘give it a go’.

I consider Qigong to be Chinese alchemy. It makes me feel good! Actually, better than good some days! Qigong movements massage and heat my body first thing in the morning. I find the rhythmic breathing very calming and I’ve avoided lung infections during these past three years. I’ve also found that a short period of meditation, anywhere, anytime restores lost energy.

Qigong practice has reinforced the idea that I have many elements to my wellbeing and that each one has to operate harmoniously with the others. If they don’t, it affects my mind, body and soul.

Your most memorable saying is “go at your own pace…we’ll not have exams here…yet.” Teaching is a remarkable gift, often not fully appreciated. You are one of those exceptional teachers! And I feel fortunate that I’ve been one of your students.

Margaret, NSW

I’ve been practicing for about five years and practice six days a week and if time permits sometimes twice a day. I first started reading about some of the amazing healing benefits that Qigong can bring, so I decided to try it for myself.

My understanding initially came from what I had read about Qigong, so as I practise more and more, that understanding becomes more of an experience to be felt as opposed to mere thinking. It constantly amazes me that something that appears so simple can give me such a feeling of wellbeing and inner harmony.

I like to think that I take a certain amount of responsibility for my own health. So I believe the benefits are preventing illness and gaining health and longevity. What I’m learning I believe is an ongoing process. I think Qigong makes me appreciate the present moment more, and that being in the present is all there is.

I find one of the greatest challenges in practicing Qigong is to engage my mind and keep focused on what I’m doing. This is where I believe that the greatest benefits can happen. For me it’s not so much the destination but the journey. I am constantly discovering new sensations about myself, both physically and mentally and even sometimes there is a sense of the spiritual where I feel more connected with everything. I feel that my journey is in the early stages and that I have many more years of discovery.

Neville, Victoria

It was about two years ago that I came across Qigong for the first time and I find it’s all great fun. However, I have a serious purpose. In April ‘07 I injured myself fixing a compost bin and gradually recovered but I found the gentle flowing movements of Qigong together with its strong spiritual base, particularly welcome.

I now have neck injuries as a result of digging the garden plus a lot of personal stress, now resolved. The physiotherapist is marvellous, my gym instructor is easing me into helpful exercises, and I’ve signed up for a rehabilitation course BUT I find the healing effects of Qigong and the sense of wellbeing and peace that it provides, are second-to-none.

Qigong is a daily (early morning) delight and I just love the quaint titles – 8 pieces of brocade, painting the kidney house, turning mountain peaks etc.

I hesitate to admit my age – 82! However, the good news is that apart from my current anatomical hiccough (which I’m determined is only temporary) I am lucky enough to enjoy excellent health. I am looking forward to receiving the two CDs I ordered to add to my collection. What a feast!

Edith, New Zealand

A fortunate coincidence of instinct and opportunity led me to join my first Tai Chi class approximately 20 years ago. My first Tai Chi teacher was very skilled in the martial arts aspect of Tai Chi yet I yearned to develop the spiritual, meditative and healing side of this ancient Eastern practice. I felt very blessed when I chanced upon Simon’s demonstration lesson and open class in Centennial Park in the same year.

I once again trusted my instinct and joined Simon’s fledgling Qigong class. The constant nourishment that Qigong provides for me on so many levels has meant that I have seldom missed a class and I now go to three classes a week.

While the class is in progress, my worrying thoughts and problems are put on the backburner and even seem to graciously dissolve and disappear into the atmosphere, not returning with the same intensity once class is over. And at the end of each class, everyone is smiling – a true, honest, gentle smile from the core of each soul – and no one wants to leave the comfort of the closing meditation circle.

Now when I do art and craft work, I have discovered my breath and hands often become one, and it is of interest to note that the warm up toning exercises of artists, calligraphers, musicians, athletes etc. are often based on simple yet universal Qigong principles.

Under stress, the practice, thought or even memory of a Qigong movement will circulate my energy favourably around my body and I relax knowing that the Qigong system is sending its circulation and breath to the vital organs and ‘right parts’ and that I can trust myself and my body to help heal itself. With Qigong, the most gentle and subtle movements promote and provide the most substantial, profound and enduring effects.

Susan, NSW

I have been learning Qigong with Master Simon Blow for three years and I practise regularly at least five times per week. I first started practising Tai Chi Chuan ten years ago and had my first experience of Qigong doing the Shibashi form. I realised that for me the Qigong was a more effective exercise for achieving better health, and an awareness of the Qi flow through my body. It is amazing that after only a few lessons one can actually feel the Qi – then you know you are doing something very beneficial for your body and the health of your internal organs.

Often at the start of practice my mind is racing and busy. Sometimes during practice I feel the energy running through my body. I get hot after doing some of the Ba Duan Jin, and even at times feel myself swaying with the movement of Qi. At the finish of the practice I am calm, my mind is focused and I am aware that my whole body feels connected and energized.

I feel that my health is stronger, and I am more aware of my energy levels, especially when I am working. When I practise my Qigong in the evening I sleep so much better, therefore I have more energy the next day.

I have learnt that it takes dedication to practice regularly if you are doing it on your own. I have found that as soon as I start my practice, my mind and body go to another place – as if connected to the Qi energy of the universe. When I finish my practice – usually at least 30-60 minutes – I feel good in myself. I believe my practice is helping me overcome my habit of procrastination.

I enjoy learning Qigong practice with a Master like Simon Blow. He has a wonderful style of teaching, the instruction is clear and informative, his enthusiasm is contagious and he is always calm. This has enabled me to learn at my own pace and I can view his DVDs to refine my own form and practice at home. I have also joined Simon at his retreats at Sunnataram Forest Monastery, and the experience is quite unique with a mixture of Qigong practice and meditation. I recommend it to anyone practising Qigong.

I also travelled with Master Simon Blow to China in April 2009. Simon as our leader gave generously of his time each day for one hour of practice every morning to start each day. Jing from Jiangshu China Travel as our guide was knowledgeable and always there to help. Traveling in China with a wonderful group of like minded people has expanded my appreciation of all Qigong practice. Meeting Dr Xu in Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing and doing the ‘Guigen’ with him in the gardens was a powerful experience. The mystical mountains of Wudangshan, with Temples and Monasteries shrouded in wispy clouds, was magical.

Our visit to the Eternal Spring Temple for Taoist studies was memorable. Master Cheng inspired us with stories of his life and his personal development of Qi, and under his guidance during a standing meditation he used his Qi to enhance our experience of our own Qi. The Bullet Train reached 262 km/h on our journey to Shanghai where we shopped till we dropped, and visited Shanghai University for a

another perspective on Qigong. We then said goodbye to new friends – our China tour was at its end.

Cherel, NSW

I started Tai Chi/Qigong in the late ‘80s. The Qigong aspect became my focus more and more over the years. I practise daily in some way or another.

I had a neck and back injury from childhood and wanted something I could do for the rest of my life that was wholistic. I was attracted to it because I loved karate but saw Qigong as a complete lifestyle for me. Qigong to me is working with the fabric of life and connecting with the life force. It’s like the Tao – if it is spoken it is not the Tao. Qigong is part of my life. It enhances everything I do on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Doing Qigong has made me more patient, calm, tolerant and compassionate. I feel empowered being able to look after my own health. I heal quickly if I do get unwell. Qigong has given me another view of life. I have learnt that I need open spaces and I appreciate fresh air and life itself more profoundly.

Over these past 20 years Qigong has become the basis of the way I view life, so much so that when choosing our new home I was looking for a special place where the Qi was strong and energizing. We have moved into a wonderful property with a lake/dam, fresh air, and quiet with plenty of nature around us. I have been teaching Tai Chi/Qigong for 20 years and look forward to running classes and workshops here so many others can also enjoy the beautiful Qi that’s here.

Diana, NSW

I have been practising Qigong for about eight years, 3-4 times per week. I started with Tai Chi for five years then after meeting Simon and participating in a China Tour I have cemented Qigong into my way of life.

My understanding of Qigong is that it is a meditative, gentle way of generating the energy flow through the meridians of my body, and a mental health massage that clears my thoughts. After practice I feel confident and happier. I am better able to face a busy day knowing that I am feeling aligned.

In my practice it is essential for me to be able to tune into my clients’ energy. This is much easier when my energy channels are clear from Qigong practice. For me, Qigong is a safe state (place) to retreat to, for peace and calm.

I share my Qigong with others and they have also grown to love it. The combined energy of the group is beautiful. It is so nice to flow with others in peaceful harmony. I know my Qigong practice has also helped train my body so I can have a good postural stance for my big day of massaging, e.g., how to move with my whole energy flowing and not straining in one particular area. It also reminds me to connect to my breathing.

Shirley, NSW

I have been practising Qigong for 16 years and currently practise every morning. I was dealing with severe depression and tried various forms of alternative therapy including Yoga and Qigong. Qigong makes me calm and helps me to understand that I must look at my whole body and outlook, not just concentrate on one part of myself.

It has improved my intestinal fortitude. I used to suffer from lots of stomach upsets but not anymore. I am 71 years old and feel better than I did 10 years ago.

I have learnt that I am just a small part of the universe. My ego seems to have shrunk and I don’t worry about things as I did before. I was lucky to be shown Qigong. Since I first began practising 15 years ago I have gone on a journey which becomes more and more interesting. It looks as if it will be with me for the rest of my life. My teachers have shared with me their experiences and insights generously. I have been fortunate to find these people while living in remote parts of Australia.  Qigong is now a daily practice for me because, quite frankly, I feel better because of it. I have used DVDs and books which have proved useful, but I would recommend that the best way to learn is in a class.


Battling against cancer along with the accompanying anxiety and sleeplessness has been harrowing, to say the least. Sometimes meditation alone is insufficient to release my mind from intrusive and persistent worries during the difficult time of treatment. I found Qigong at Lifehouse was instrumental in preparing me for that stillness. Attending occasional classes, reading Simon’s books and practicing at home with the DVDs, I gradually came to understand how Qigong has many health supporting benefits. Now with the treatment phase behind me, I have incorporated Qigong practice into my regular routine to support ongoing self healing. An added bonus are the retreats which are a great way to re-inspire the importance of this practice and at the same time, meet like-minded folk whilst enjoy beautiful settings. My heart is smiling!


We are a group of Sisters (an order in the Catholic Church) who live together in an aged-care hostel. One of us came across SimonÌs Qigong videotape- The Art of Life. We looked at it and some particularly liked the music. One found SimonÌs name on the cover and telephoned him. He came himself with the appreciated sound track and stayed to chat with us a little. So started a friendship between Simon and the Sisters and a learning experience for the sisters. A group of whom do the Qigong movements to the best of our ability, regularly, sometimes from the tape and sometimes by attending SimonÌs classes at the Woollahra Seniors Club on Monday mornings. We appreciate what this has done for us. For some balance has improved, for some breathing is more controlled and for some Qigong has had a quietening effect. We thank you Simon and wish you the best in what you are doing.

Over the last 17 years that I have known Simon Blow I have watched him surmount enormous physical obstacles to become first my instructor and then a master in Tai Chi and Qigong. As a meditation teacher and energy practitioner I have personally observed his consistent spiritual practices and growth over the past ten years, which are the basis of his ability to invoke and impart a particular quality of ineffable stillness of mind and peace during his classes. In my experience Simon is unique as a teacher in the field of Tai Chi and Qigong in his ability to bring out the highest aspirations of his students. It is a reflection of his on-going spiritual work, which is the basis of Simon’s achievement.

Avril Carruthers

B.A., M. Couns., RMCAPA Author, Psychotherapy, Meditation and Spiritual Healing,

I have been attending Simon’s Qigong classes once a week for the past two years and have found it to be both relaxing and inspirational. It’s a great form of gentle exercise and a wonderful way to start the day. The gentle stretching movements and breathing techniques are good strategies that I have been able to incorporate into my daily routine and this has enabled me to cope better with the stresses of the day.

Simone Sturdy


Stories to inspire

I have been practising Qigong every day for sixteen years. Classes became available in my town and as a practicing yoga teacher I was looking for somewhere where I could be the student.

Qigong helps bring me right into the present moment with a feeling of immense serenity. Each year my health has improved and whenever I do experience a setback, gentle Qigong is always there to help me.

Over the years I have learnt to be more accepting of what life brings and learning the joy of peace. One of the lovely things about Qigong is the wonderful people it brings into my life. I have made some very special friends through the practice and would never have travelled the China if it had not been for Qigong

Joan, Victoria

I was introduced to Tai Chi in 1987. I had studied acupressure massage in 1977 and still employ this massage technique. When performing certain movements of Tai Chi I immediately felt meridian blockages released and energy pathways connecting.

I was introduced to Qigong in 2000. This powerful exercise routine is impressive and effective. I practise Tai Chi Qigong and medical Qigong exercises regularly and incorporate the principles into everyday activities. My practice of these exercises is usually 1-4 hours per day for 3-5 days per week, but I always use the principles when performing any activity either around the home, work or in the garden.

Qigong is a powerful exercise routine which enhances the body’s ability to clear energy blockages and allow our organs to function at maximum efficiency. Qigong stills the mind and activates the body’s healing capabilities. Sometimes I feel relaxed, sometimes I feel rejuvenated and sometimes I feel energised, but always I feel peaceful and calm.

Qigong practice is the perfect way to escape from a busy and/or stressful lifestyle. I believe Qigong practice has lessened the onset and intensity of migraines from which I have suffered for many years and has given me a greater appreciation of the power of the body/mind connection.

I have learnt that regular Qigong exercises are an essential part of maintaining a peaceful and healthy mind and body. I have learnt that everyone can benefit from Qigong exercises, from the very young to the very old, from the very sick to the very healthy. Everyone can benefit!

Qigong practice works on many different levels. It provides the practitioner with a greater understanding of their own body and how it works. It allows the mind to relax and let the body move in a co-ordinated and relaxed way, enhancing movement, releasing energy blockages and creating vital synovial fluid into all the joints of our body. I recommend certain Qigong exercises to my clients who all notice a benefit when practising.

Qigong exercise routines vary in time and intensity – if people lack discipline to exercise, Qigong routines provide the perfect balance of exercise and meditation, both essential for optimal body health, along with a healthy and balanced diet.

Body health is not a mystery. All it needs is fresh air, fresh water, balanced diet and exercise. Meditation has also been proven to assist in regenerating the body. If one drinks fresh water, practises Qigong exercises outside in the fresh air and eats a balanced diet, then health will surely follow.

I’m personally training and massaging a gentleman at the moment that has diabetes, high blood pressure and is overweight. His physical appearance ‘screams’ lung problems to me. He just commenced as a ‘fitness’ client. I did a basic fitness test on his first session, but in the second session I introduced Shibashi movements 1, 2 and 14 to try and aerate his lungs. His first session with these exercises immediately made a difference to his facial colour. I’ve known him now for several months and he has always had a ‘pasty’, unhealthy facial colour. After 20 minutes of Qigong warm up, followed by the Shibashi movements, his face was a beautiful pink colour. His wife even noticed it. Amazing. And … he loves the movements.

Lee, Victoria

I have been practising Qigong for some twenty years now but have become more serious in the last four years as my understanding of the connection to Traditional Chinese Medicine has grown. I now practise five or six times a week.

Having always been active and interested in maintaining my fitness levels, I found the opportunities for organised activity were limited when I moved to a country area. So when a Tai Chi class was eventually available several years ago I joined up.

Practising Qigong definitely puts a smile on my face. As a practitioner of 80 years of age, it is important for me to keep my mobility and brainpower at maximum levels and I feel Qigong can help me to do this if I continue to apply myself (we still have to help ourselves).

An important learning for me has been the acceptance of impermanence and to be thankful for Now. Four years ago my right knee was very painful and it was recommended that I wear a hinged metal brace for support – which certainly relieved the pain – and I was wearing this brace in my Tai Chi classes. However, I was concerned about the restricted use of my leg muscles and took the brace off for increasing periods of time until I no longer used it. My knee still ‘creaks’ but it is no longer painful and the range of movement is barely restricted. Also my previously elevated blood pressure is coming down since concentrating on the relevant exercises. My kidney function has definitely improved. So for me it all works! An hour of time to follow a routine may seem like a lot but I have found that I achieve far more in the day by starting it off with Qigong exercises and giving myself time to absorb the energy.

Shirley, NSW

I have been practising Tai Chi and Qigong for 10 years and I practise every day. It is an extension to my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and as a spiritual meditation practice.

My understanding of Qigong is that it is based on the concept of the Dao and TCM and can be used as a health/longevity practice or as a path to enlightenment. Qigong works on both a physical level and an energy level (the two can’t be separated) as is designed to balance physiological/psychological/energetic functions of the body and mind and bring us into harmony with universal energy or the Dao.

Qigong helps me to feel physically relaxed and balanced as well as mentally peaceful and calm but energised. It helps with my martial arts training, keeps me calm to deal with the stress of life and helps nourish my kidney yin and jing.

I have become more aware of my conditioning and how this affects my health and how I treat others. I have learned that the more calm and peaceful and balanced I am, the happier I am and the better I treat others and I am clearer about how I speak, think and behave. Through this awareness I have learned that there is a direct relationship between myself and the world around me and that ultimately I am the world I live in – I create it from within.

Bul Hae (Zen Buddhist Monk)

I have been attending weekly Qigong lessons for about five years and try to practise a little each day by incorporating some of the movements into everyday tasks. My main reason for starting Qigong was to increase my mobility and balance.

My knowledge of Qigong is limited but I have read it is an ancient form of gentle exercise originating in China. Although it could be based on martial arts, the movements are very graceful.

I finish each group lesson with a sense of wellbeing, and gain much from the positive energy of other members. Although the group includes people of many ages and types, all are friendly, welcoming and non-competitive. Physically, I feel more confident, more balanced with my walking and generally more mobile.

Spiritually, I am able to find within myself a place of reflection and freedom. Emotionally, I benefit because one concentrates only on the movements, excluding anxious thoughts and worries. Our group is under the guidance of a very encouraging and patient teacher, which generates positive energy. I have learnt to persevere with the practice and welcome the challenge of learning new, complicated movements. I find the benefits of Qigong for me include being able to work within my own capability and making a conscious effort to ‘slow down’ physically and mentally.

E. Phillips, NSW

I am doing a life sentence, in the old act, and in early 1994, I started Tai Chi classes with Simon. At first, I too as well as many others, was unsure of the outcome of the course, but with inside pressures and the lack of harmonies, and activities, I found myself thirsting for positive energies. I am now past the initiation class and on my third level with three to go.

Since doing classes, I find myself more positive within my environment here in jail. I can speak warmly and I have more self-confidence to express myself instead of bottling things in. I am able to excel to a depth of achievements not only with Tai Chi but with my sculptures which now have taken on a tradition of years ago.

I must say thanks to Simon and Corrective Services for providing an opportunity of establishing our innerness with the outside world. I personally am astonished with the changes in myself since I started the Tai Chi classes, in fact, watching others around me I can see the energy levels rise within each and every one of them. Once again, thank you.

Name withheld

I have been practicing Qigong for 10 years and prior to that I was doing Tai Chi for many years. I practise about 3 times a week but plan to practise daily. The only inhibiter to this has been my farm activities, especially over winter.
When I was practicing Tai Chi, we also did a little Qigong which I enjoyed.

The total conversion to Qigong happened when I had a car accident and stopped Tai Chi for quite a while and then I started Qigong. Following this I discovered Simon, whom I now look upon as my Qigong Master.

Qigong makes me feel more alive, fit and definitely healthier. Peace of mind always follows and continues through the day and week. Qigong has changed my whole life. I am happier, much more accepting of whatever crops up in life. My body is supple and the benefits are far reaching.

I just love Qigong, but it is also a discipline and this helps to guide my practice. Following Qigong I like to meditate. This gives me a lot of patience with people around and an enormous appetite to enjoy every day of my life. With my love of Qigong and my better lifestyle, I must acknowledge my Master Simon. Perhaps without such a wonderful Master, Qigong may not have had the same results. His patient guidance and warmth has resulted in encouraging and developing my passion. I think Qigong should be introduced to all primary and secondary schools as part of the curriculum. Life is so fast and people have lost the ability to relax and enjoy this beautiful world. Qigong sharpens the senses, calms the mind and enlivens the body, giving the owner of the body a complete sensational feeling of wellbeing.

Virginia, NSW

I have sent some of your DVDs and CDs to friends as gifts. They were very appreciative and have all been given some physical and mental relief as they practised your Qigong movements and some have discovered the gentle healing of your meditation CDs.

Three years ago I went eagerly for my morning walk. As I passed a public telephone booth, a woman, unseen by me, charged out of the booth, knocked me to the ground and kicked me all along the spine (I might say here – I am a small woman aged 82 years).

What followed were months of pain and an inability to walk more than 50 metres. A dear friend of mine who practised Qigong with you at Bundanoon, and is a healer, treated me and gave me some relief from pain. She left a parcel for me that I opened a few days later and found your DVD ‘Absorbing the Essence’.

The first time I watched it I knew my injured body could manage the exquisite, slow movements of Qigong. I practiced each morning and after two weeks the pain had gone from my back (still badly bruised). In another month I was able to walk freely! How lovely!

So everything moved along smoothly and I was completely at ease with myself, until… in January 2008 I was walking along a one metre wide balcony and did not notice a thick commercial rug. The toe of my shoe caught in it and I was thrown into the air and landed on my right shoulder on concrete.

I spent six weeks in hospital and now have a metal rod in my upper arm and a metal ball in my shoulder plus back problems. Nevertheless, I could not put Qigong aside completely as I yearned for that feeling of wellbeing I had previously achieved. I used to lie on my bed and do the Qigong movements in my thoughts. I called it phantom Qigong – this amused the doctors.

I was at home for four months before I could raise my right arm enough to practise. Each day I kept trying. Gradually my movements began to flow more freely. Now, 11 months later, I am once again reaping the benefits of Qigong and am quite strong again.

Elva, NSW

Qigong has been a part of my life for about six years. I usually practice about four times a week. When I started to learn Tai Chi, Qigong was included as part of the class. When the opportunity came up to attend a Qigong workshop I jumped at the chance, and have been practising, teaching and attending workshops ever since.

For me, Qigong is about energy flow. By practising Qigong movements, combined with deep breathing and intention, one can enhance the flow of healing energy through the body. By having the intention to cultivate Qi in the body we can improve our sense of wellbeing and health. Practising Qigong makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. I focus only on what I am doing and can feel the flow of energy through my body. Being familiar with the movements (so I don’t have to think about what comes next or how to do the movement) means that I can get into a flowing, rhythmic, meditative state with a totally relaxed body and mind. It is this state that really allows me to gain the most benefit from Qigong. This makes all the practice and learning I had to do to reach this point all worthwhile.

I have found Qigong meditation particularly powerful and feel that I have the ability to direct healing energy to particular parts of my body with my intention. I use this ability as an adjunct to my healing when receiving Bowen Therapy.

I have learnt that life is not what it seems on the surface and that there are powerful healing energies available to us if we seek them out and dedicate ourselves to cultivating out ability to use the universal Qi to improve our health and wellbeing. I have also learnt that I feel a natural affinity with the practices of Qigong, Tai Chi and meditation. Practicing and cultivating Qi has greatly enhanced my life.

As a Qigong instructor/teacher I am fascinated by the different experiences people seem to have when they begin their own Qigong journey. I have observed that those who open their minds to the possibilities that Qigong offers get far more out of the practice than those who just come along for a bit of gentle exercise or a social outing. Some can feel the energy flowing right away and are able to connect with themselves – even to the point of experiencing the emotion some movements can bring up.

Generally though, I have found that if participants come regularly to classes for about six months, they become ‘hooked’ and really feel that the Qigong is benefiting them. Some only experience benefit on the physical level (greater flexibility and range of movement), but all enjoy the opportunity to relax and flow with the universal energy, even if they wouldn’t describe it as this.

Jay, VIC

I first started doing Tai Chi about 15 years ago and after a number of years moved to Qigong. I don’t practise the movements every week. I do my best to practise some aspects only – breathing and stretching on a daily basis. I enjoyed working with Simon and was reaping the benefits of Tai Chi so when he started classes close to home with Qigong I decided to go along and learn more about it.

Qigong makes me feel awesome. After a Qigong class I have more clarity and peace of mind. It renews my energy and assists with the stresses of work. I find it most effective in the mornings. It gives me an opportunity to invest time in my health and spiritual development, and gain and maintain a centredness and calm mind in times of stress.

Simon is an inspirational Master. His instructions are clear, making each class an enjoyable, learning experience. He has a real strength of presence and connection. I have learnt (and I continue to enjoy learning) not only the movements of Qigong but also to apply the philosophy and principles into my life – thank you Simon. Simon’s Qigong study tours to China were a real eye-opener, a fantastic opportunity to explore the culture of China while learning from our Masters (and students) alike. Simon’s tours offer exceptional value for money. The whole experience of learning and practising not only the techniques, but incorporating the philosophy and other aspects of Qigong have been fantastic. The health benefits are obvious, not only physically but also spiritually and mentally.

Debbie, NSW

I have been practising Qigong for about ten years and I try to do it every day as well as yoga. Qigong is linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has existed for a very long time. So for me Qigong is giving me the benefit of TCM and the exercises, as well as the meditation.
Qigong makes me feel happy and relaxed, giving me inner peace and at the same time a lot of energy to affront the challenges of the day. It gives me more flexibility, better health and peace of mind.

I have realized that there is more to life than materialism. I have a deeper understanding of myself and others, the power of the mind over the body and the simple pleasures of everyday life. When I was diagnosed with very aggressive pre-cancerous cells in my right breast, I had radiotherapy and did Qigong. Qigong helped me a lot, giving me more energy and a positive attitude, helping me to recover more quickly. I have the privilege of being a Qigong instructor and the immense satisfaction of seeing the health of my students improve and hearing them at the end of the classes how relaxed and happy they are feeling, and how much they look forward to the next class.

Josette, Victoria

Qigong has become a way of life for me, having practised it for 25 years. I still practice about 4-5 times a week. It restores my energy, balances my awareness of the ‘now’, and helps me maintain focus and stay peaceful within myself.  It makes me feel that I am an important part of the community and that what I say and feel, matters. It makes me feel like an individual and I have found acceptance of self after a long search.

My mind likes the stillness. I particularly love the names of the movements. For me there is a connection with the name of the movement and when I practise I visualise the movement in my mind as I think how beautiful the name sounds.

Annie, NSW

I have been practising Qigong for four years between three to seven times a week. Initially I was practising and teaching Tai Chi but wanted a deeper understanding and experience of the underlying principles.

My understanding of Qigong is that it is movement which encourages the flow of energy through the natural pathways of the body, enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Qigong makes me feel balanced, centred, happier, content, compassionate, empathetic, safe and strong. It has improved my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength and the ability to help others. It gives me an increasing awareness of the oneness of humanity and the Universe, meditation being an integral part of Qigong.

I have practised different types of yoga and meditation for decades; however Qigong brings everything together for me.

Sandra, NSW