tQigong Teacher Training

Join Qigong Master Simon Blow as he shares his thirty years of teaching experience and become a recognised Qigong Teacher. Simon will be imparting valuable skills and teaching the Qigong cultivation methods from his book/DVDs The Art of Life and Restoring Natural Harmony.

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‘Simon Blow is an academic ambassador working for the cultural exchanges between China and Western countries. Over the past twenty years he has been to China many times, visiting the sacred mountains and holy areas in China while studying the ancient Chinese methods for health and longevity. He has made a life-long commitment to introducing and spreading these traditional Chinese health and wellbeing skills overseas’.
Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang 28 lineage holder of the Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong

There are three levels to the teacher training certification, with two further levels for teachers wishing to pursue Qigong Mastery.

The skills learnt at each level can over time be absorbed into your everyday life, knowledge and experience.

The understanding of the concepts and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine are an important step in the training to become a Qigong teacher. To receive a level 3 Qigong teacher accreditation successful completion of a Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory or equivalent is required


Level 1 Qigong Practitioner Training is a 30-hour course. Click for  more information
There are no pre-requisites for this training.  The training is designed to focus and gain the foundations of Qigong theory including the dynamic (movements/forms) alongside the static (meditation) knowledge.

Level 2 Qigong Leader Training is a 30-hour course. Click for more information
There are pre-requisites for this level with a written and practical assessment component.  The training is designed to master and expand on your skills and knowledge to deliver the Qigong theory and wisdom to others.

Level 3 Qigong Teacher Certificate is a minimum 300-hour certification process. Click for more information
This is run as a continuous learning undertaking over a maximum period of three years. It is not a formal training course as per Level 1 & 2. The Qigong Teacher Certificate is issued on successful completion of the criteria as outlined in the prospectus. see Course Prospectus

Level 4 Qigong Mastery Modules These are a series of advanced workshops focused on these forms with a written and practical assessment component. Pre-requisites are the completion of Level 3 Qigong Teachers Training.

•    Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 movements

•    Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong 2nd 64 movements
•    Absorbing The Essence – Taiji Hunyuan Zhuang Qigong (Wudang Longevity Qigong) and  Ba Duan Jin Nurturing Life Qigong Sitting

•    Six Healing Sounds

Level 5 Qigong Master Teacher
This is a pathway for those who wish to attain the highest level of Qigong Teacher’s Mastery to work in a specialised field of presenting and transmitting the healing benefits of Qigong Traditional Chinese Wisdom and philosophy. Pre-requisites include the Qigong teacher certification, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment and comprise an interview selection process.

For more inquiries contact Simon Blow directly simon@simonblowqigong.com – (Subject: Teachers Training)