Qigong Teacher Directory

I’m happy to refer Qigong Teachers in other areas of Australia.

All of these teachers have had many years of training and some have completed the Simon Blow Qigong Teacher training program, which is indicated as either Level 1,2 or 3. The Da Yan instructors have all traveled to China and are authorised by Grand Master Chen, 28th Linage Holder Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong. All of the listed teachers I know personally and teach true authentic styles of Qigong. They all have a passion to share the Chinese healing exercises and are honest and trust worthy professionals.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

LocationNameLevelEmailTeacher Profile
Canberra Angie LiuLevel 2angie@piniri.com.au🔍 View Teacher

New South Wales (NSW)

LocationNameLevelEmailTeacher Profile
Blue MountainsJulio MartirenaLevel 2martirena1@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Blue MountainsViviane BlakeLevel 2qigongflow@tpg.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Blue MountainsAnna FisherLevel 1anahart71@yahoo.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Blue MountainsTania GrasseschiLevel 2tania@orientalwisdom.com.au🔍 View Teacher
CamdenSusan Jackson ThomasLevel 1
Da Yan
lepetitpalais@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastCherel WatersDa Yanqigongharmony9@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastLisa McEvoyLevel 2
Da Yan
lisammcevoy@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastAmber KingDa Yanpurplecloudtaichi@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastKaren CernicchiLevel 3
Da Yan
carlokaren_c@yahoo.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastKathy CookLevel 2
Da Yan
kathycook53@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastYoon Soo AnLevel 2yoonsoo.an@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastDeb JamesLevel 2deb.james@me.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastVonnie MaasLevel 3vonniema@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastMelanie BeanLevel 2melaniemcl@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastBarb HawesLevel 1barbhtaichi@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Central CoastSarah LynchLevel 1sarah@transcendfit.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Central West Tony CaineLevel 3tony.g.caine@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
DubboHelen RyanLevel 1helenmlryan@protonmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jervis BayMargaret EvansLevel 2margevans846@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Jervis BayJoanne FabriLevel 2jrippleffect@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Mid North CoastDeanne AllanLevel 3shenwellness@outlook.com🔍 View Teacher
Mid North CoastDeborah FlynnLevel 3debdebfly@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Mid North CoastElizabeth BondLevel 1elizabethbond007@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Mid Nth CoastGlen DavidsonLevel 1gdavidson888@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
NewcastleAdrienne RobertsLevel 3
Da Yan
adrienne.roberts@tpg.com.au🔍 View Teacher
NewcastleDonna LavellLevel 1dlavellmassage@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
North CoastMary Wardmary.ward@ncahs.health.nsw.gov.au🔍 View Teacher
NorthwestLeigh MurphyLevel 2leigh.29092@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Port MacquarieJaye RobertsLevel 2gongaura@me.com🔍 View Teacher
Port StephensNicole Giepmansnicolegiepmans@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
RiverinaHelen JobsonDa Yanhemjobson@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Scotts HeadKaren ForbesLevel 2kazfrey@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
ShellharbourJulie RastLevel 2freespiritedyoga@outlook.com🔍 View Teacher
South Coast George FosterDa Yanyanshifoo@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Southern HighlandsJim ChristieLevel 1chairman1@internode.on.net🔍 View Teacher
Southern HighlandsMark PenningtonLevel 2markopeno@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Syd- KograhAlan TranLevel 1shallaustralia@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyJann ChambersDa Yanchambersjann561@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyJohn ChewDa Yanjchew75@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyPenelope CarrLevel 1penelope@alexandertechniqueconsultant.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyMargaret BodyLevel 3margaret@elanora.physio🔍 View Teacher
SydneyPenny AuburnLevel 2penauburn@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyGloria YiangouLevel 1ghandavii23@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyJennie SmithLevel 1jenniesmith7@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyMarc HarryLevel 3marcharrythreelinks@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyGeorge BakopoulosLevel 1xtc330@outlook.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyDanuta HosowiczLevel 1h_danuta@telstra.com🔍 View Teacher
SydneyKatrina PapaefraimLevel 1white.light7@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Sydney, Inner WestAnita MansfieldLevel 1anita.l.mansfield@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Sydney, Inner WestJacob StringaLevel 1jastring1991@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Sydney, Inner WestAdam WiltshireLevel 1adamwiltshire123@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Tamworth Shirley AldersonDa Yanshirley.massage@me.com🔍 View Teacher
Tamworth Janita YingDa Yanjjanitaying@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Tea GardensLynn GuilhausLevel 1lguilhaus@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Wagga WaggaSandra ChapmanLevel 1sandrachapman5@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher

Queensland (QLD)

LocationNameLevelEmailTeacher Profile
Atherton TablelandsLesley JenkinsLevel 3lesleyjenkins50@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Atherton TablelandsMaria Gillandermaria.gillanders@health.qld.gov.au🔍 View Teacher
BrisbaneDavid TsangLevel 2tsangdl@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
BrisbaneSian SchofieldLevel 2healingattheloft@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Cairns Gwyneth RowlandsLevel 3bodymindbreathcentre@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
CairnsCherrie KnoxLevel 2cherriekn@hotmail.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Cairns and Atherton TablelandsKathryn WeeksLevel 3kathryn.weeks@outlook.com🔍 View Teacher
Far North QLDRenee Cashman – McAlpineLevel 3info@connectmagazine.org🔍 View Teacher
Far North QLDRobert McAlpineLevel 3tsdmrkfnq@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Far North QLDStefan PorajskiLevel 2stefanporajski@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Far North QLDAnnie ProwseLevel 3
Da Yan
mail@soulwingstherapies.com.au🔍 View Teacher
GladstoneAngela Laroseangela.larose@essentialbodytraining.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Gold CoastRoyce CoughlanLevel 1roycecoughlan@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Hervey BayJacqui MulheranLevel 1galeforce9@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
MackayLouise PeachLevel 2louisepeach@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
MalenyLyn Hilllhill.rhill@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
NoosaMary SmytheLevel 1smythemary@yahoo.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Rockhampton Jan DanielsLevel 2waynefd@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
South BurnettKath CraneLevel 2youinfocus@datawave.net.au🔍 View Teacher
South BurnettNaomi GormlyLevel 1naomi.gormly@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Sunshine CoastLorri SheldonLevel 1
Da Yan
lozzabear33@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher

South Australia (SA)

LocationNameLevelEmailTeacher Profile
Fleurieu Peninsula Churn Chi KoayLevel 2churnchiqigong@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher

Tasmania (TAS)

LocationNameLevelEmailTeacher Profile
Hobart Wendy HartshornDa Yanhartshorn1@iinet.net.au🔍 View Teacher
LauncestonElizabeth AtkinsLevel 3lizzieatkins1@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
LauncestonCarol BalatinczLevel 1carolbalatincz@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Sisters BeachJay McGoughLevel 1
Da Yan
zenji.taiji.qigong@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Southern TasmaniaSylvia MeropeDa Yansylv.merope@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher

Victoria (VIC)

LocationNameLevelEmailTeacher Profile
BallaratLindsey MylesLevel 1lmyles58@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Euroa Frank PierceLevel 3
Da Yan
pierce.f@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
Euroa Vivien WatmoughLevel 3
Da Yan
vivienwatmough@smartchat.net.au🔍 View Teacher
MelbourneCoralie CrockerLevel 2coralwincro@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Melbourne Maree ChadwickDa Yanmareechadwick@optusnet.com.au🔍 View Teacher
MelbourneMichael Dunstanqigongspirit@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Melbourne Kathryn PiggottLevel 3kathrynpiggott@hotmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Melbourne Arthur VassiliouLevel 3tao.of.wellbeing.arthurv@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
MelbourneJustin YoungLevel 1to.justin.young@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
MelbourneMichele BisettoLevel 3mishiatsu@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
MelbourneAnastasia YianniLevel 1anastasiataichi@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
MelbourneChristine CrawfordLevel 1chriscraw@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
MelbourneLyn RowanLevel 1rowanwildwood@yahoo.com.au🔍 View Teacher
North-CentralJen ScandoleraLevel 2inabalanceyoga@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Northern VictoriaFaye SizelandLevel 3afsizeland@dodo.com.au🔍 View Teacher
SeymourLinda HeverenLevel 1linda.hev2@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Shepparton Donna RoddaLevel 3
Da Yan
donnarodda@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher
Tallarook, North East VictoriaBen HardmanLevel 2benhardman@bigpond.com🔍 View Teacher
WangarattaAmanda HoganLevel 1amanda@hoganhealth.com.au🔍 View Teacher
Yarra ValleyMichelle RedmanLevel 1michelle@vitalitymoves.com🔍 View Teacher
Yarrawanga Debbie Midolonurturenaturetherapies@gmail.com🔍 View Teacher