Simon Blow was recommended to the We Help Ourselves (WHOS) organization in 1992 for his stress management techniques. With his insight into the WHOS Recovery Process we asked Simon to incorporated his Tai Chi/ Qigong activities into our therapeutic program.

Over the past 8 years we feel it has been of great benefit to our clients. Simon’s techniques have helped reduce stress and at the same time teach relaxation and meditation, which certainly helps our clients while they are in our program.

This relaxation tool is useful for when they leave our facility. We have expanded Simon’s activities (two sessions per week per service) to our recently opened WHOS Methadone to Abstinence Residential service (WHOS MTAR). Plans are under way to yet again expand these relaxation activities at our new therapeutic community in the Hunter Valley.

Simon is a very dedicated teacher, sharing his relaxation techniques and skills (includes Qigong) to our clients. He is admired and awarded respect by our clients. His sessions command a positive message and he gives individual attention in regards to meditation and relaxation to clients experiencing difficulties.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on Please visit our web site to find out more about We Help Ourselves.

Garth PoppleExecutive DirectorWe Help Ourselves