A true Qigong Master is a student among his students. Also journeying along the path of life, his intention is to impart to his students with honesty and sincerity, his knowledge of the Way of Qigong, in hope that wisdom in the Way of Life, the way to live one’s life, will ensure.

With clarity and integrity he will at each class demonstrate to and repeat with his students, simple Qigong movements and breaths which are as ancient and profound as time itself, as new forms are taught and explained, their essence will remain consistent. During and after a Qigong session, one notice all one’s senses are sharpened…sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing…and one revels in the joy of rediscovering that that which is most simple.

As one moves from instruction under a true Qigong Master, from meditation in movement to meditation on one’s life, one learns to trust one’s intuition, intelligence beyond words, survival skills, and to have faith and confidence in one’s instincts which embody one’s authentic responses to one’s surroundings.

With one’s Qigong Master and fellow students, the smile from the heart awakens the visible features and the soul’s light shines through the eyes. Simon Blow is a true Qigong Master. I have been his student for the past eight years.

Susan Lenn