Traditional Chinese Medicine Exercises and Meditations for Mind, Body and Spirit. Qigong is an ancient healing system that has evolved over thousands of years to help improve people's quality of life;

DVDs are in PAL format all regions. They will play on all multi format players, which are standard in most countries. All computers PC and Apple have multi format players. North America has it’s own format, NTSC. North American customers will need to check their DVD players and either upgrade to a multi format player which cost the same as a single format or play the DVDs on their computer.

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Membership subscription for unlimited internet access, provides the best value including access on any device with internet connection to view all of the 6 DVDs and listen to the 4 meditation CDs on line anytime, anywhere.

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"Easy to learn, no special equipment or clothing required."


"Only a willingness to practise and an open and caring heart"