Being Present

When we walk into an art gallery, go to the theatre or experience live music a change of energy a shift in consciousness occurs, we become a bit more awake. It’s a similar with the healing and spiritual arts, when we meditate, practise Yoga or Qigong we become more present.

Qi (Chi) is central to Daoist philosophy – it is the natural force which fills the universe, the universal spirit, the energy behind the continuous movement of molecules and atoms. In Japan it is called ‘ki’, and in India, ‘prana’ or ‘shakti’. The ancient Egyptians referred to it as ‘ka’, and the ancient Greeks as ‘pneuma’. Native Americans call it ‘Great Spirit’ and for Christians, it is the ‘Holy Spirit’. In Hawaii it is known as ‘ha’ or ‘mana’.

When we practise cultivation exercises one of the main principles is the concentration of the mind, when the mind is still and clear it will help to lead the Qi. To do this we need to be totally in the present moment. If we are out of present time and distracted by thoughts the Qi won’t flow smoothly. Qi is known as the energy of life and it will become alive when we are awake and alive.

When we see the art works on the walls of galleries, the performance of an actor or musician we experience the intention and Qi of these artist. Through their concentration, training and ongoing practise their art becomes alive and this is what we experience. We are all artist in the practise of life and we can increase our quality of life by being more present.

Attending regular meditation, Qigong and Yoga classes or any type of conscious exercises, being around other people also practising being present, as well as practising on your own is very important in helping cultivate our self. The best present we can give our self this festive season is to be present.

Simon Blow is an author and publisher of numerous Books, DVDs and audio CDs on the ancient Chinese healing arts. A near fatal accident at the age of nineteen lead Simon to investigate various methods of healing and rejuvenation a path he has been following ever since. He is a Sydney-based master teacher (Laoshi) who has been leading regular classes for beginning and continuing students since 1992. Simon has received training and certification from Traditional Chinese Medical Hospitals and Daoist Monasteries in China and Buddhist Monasteries in Australia has been given authority to share these techniques. He has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si, meaning Genuine Wisdom Simon is a Standing Council Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong in Beijing.

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