Guigen Chinese Medical Qigong – Metal Element Part 3

In Guigen Chinese Medical Qigong, the season of autumn and dry weather condition correspond to the Metal Element, as do the emotional states of grief and remorse, and the colour silver or white. The main function of the lungs is breathing. The physical body takes in fresh air (oxygen) via the nose and eliminates waste air (carbon dioxide), assisting the metabolic process of the body system function efficiently. Inning accordance with TCM, the lungs are in charge of the Qi of the entire body. Essence is assimilated from the universe through the nose into the lungs and spread through all of the body system.

The Metal spirit is related to death, the closings of cycles, the coming and going of life, and the excretory functions. Like crystals, precious metals, and minerals, the energy of metal dwells deep down, in the recess of our being, the anus and intestines. Metal Qi bestows a profound inner strength, like ore mined from the mountains. A man or woman with well balanced Metal energy is properly organized, self disciplined, and conscientious. A person with Metal Qi imbalance may be grief-stricken and steeped in sadness.

The benefits of section 3 described by Dr Xu, “This part is designed to disperse the Qi blocked in arms, lung, nose, heart and chest areas.”

The Lung (Yin) channel stems at an area under the collar bone and runs down the inside of the arm to the outside of the thumb. The Large Intestine (Yang) channel originates from the outside of the index finger through the Hegu, or tiger’s mouth, between the thumb and index
finger along the outside of the arm to the shoulder, to the neck and finishing on the opposite side of the face near the nose and cheek bone.

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