Guigen Chinese Medical Qigong – Part 2 Earth Element

Guigen Qigong Earth Element – Restoring Natural Harmony Part 2. The Earth Element associates with the spleen (Yin) and stomach (Yang).

When individuals have weak Earth Qi, they can stress exceedingly and are vulnerable to pensiveness. They may become exhausted, specifically in studying or other intellectual work. Worry and distressed thinking has a really unfavorable impact on Qi. The more Qi we use up through concern and worthless psychological activity, the less we have readily available to move on to cope with our everyday lives.


Meditation can quieten the mind’s random chatter and taking part in Qigong can quieten it even more as psychic Qi is returned into the essential cycles of life. The Indian late summertime and the environment of humidity represent the Earth Element, as does the colour golden yellow.

Deep thinking and stress connect to the spleen and stress and anxiety connects to the pancreas. The functions of the pancreas and the mouth likewise connect to the spleen which, in accordance with TCM, is where food and fluids get in the body.

The Stomach channel (Yang) stems from underneath the eye, down to the corner of the mouth, around the jaw, and descends down the neck to the nipple, down the centre of the body to the pubic bone. From the hip, it continues down the front of the leg, passing the knee to the middle of the front of the ankle and completing on the exterior of the 2nd toe. The stomach absorbs the food, sending out solids and fluids down, while the essence of these nutrients is sent out up to the spleen. The spleen changes this essence and disperses it to the remainder of the body.

The Spleen channel (Yin) stems from the beyond the huge toe, to the ankle, and rises the within the leg to the hip, through the abdominal area to the chest. The spleen lies on the left side of the stomach location and is the primary organ of the gastrointestinal system in TCM.

Dr Xu explains the advantages of section 2: “It is developed to deal with the issues of the mouth, stomach, duodenum, spleen (the term spleen is the regard to TCM, little intestinal tract issues are included.)”.

Unlike wood, the earth can not reach towards the sky to actively gather the Qi. The earth’s nature is rather to keep still, to get, soak up and consist of the Qi, and to nurture life.

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