Guigen Chinese Medical Qigong – Water Element Part 4

Guigen Qigong Section No 4: The Water Element relates to the kidney (Yin) and bladder (Yang). The season of winter and cold weather correspond to the Water Element as do the emotions of anxiety and uneasiness and a deep blue colour. The kidneys manage water circulation in the body system and assist to sustain fluid balance. In TCM, the kidneys store the essence that is received from meals and oxygen and is unleashed when the other organs require it. Thus, they are a little like the batteries of the body system. Essence is also received from our parents and is stored in the kidneys. The kidneys convert the essence into Qi or energy.

They are very important body organs and it’s important to keep the kidneys warmish. In the universe, the spirit of water may be compared to the energy of a hot spring, a geyser that shoots up from the trenches of the deep sea floor. In the human world it is related to the power of the life force, the instincts, and the driving urgency of ambition. Whenever it is disturbed people continually drive themselves to the point of total burnout or have no initiative whatsoever.

Whenever the Kidney Qi is indefensible, there can be issues with water metabolism, urination, fertility, or sexuality. Dr Xu describes the benefits of section 4: “This section can be used for the problems in urinary, reproductive organs, back and lower back pain, problems in the ear and head.” The Kidney channel (Yin) originates from the bottom of the foot, Yongquan, and rises around the ankle joint up the inside of the leg, throughout the abdominal area to the chest beneath the collar bone.

The Bladder channel (Yang) originates from an area close to the eyebrow, just off center and returns over the head, descends down the back to the hip area, continues down the back of the lower legs to the heel, along the outside of the foot ending up on the outside of the little toe.

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