Guigen Chinese Medical Qigong – Wood Element Part 5

Guigen Qigong – Part No 5: The Wood Element relates to the Liver (Yin) and Gall Bladder (Yang). All of these qigong exercises are a 6 part series of Medical Qigong Training Sessions by Qigong Master, Simon Blow

The video includes excerpts from the Book and DVD– Restoring Natural Harmony by Simon Blow

The season of spring and windy climate correlate to the Wood Element, together with the emotions of anger and frustration, and the color green. The Qi of the Wood element flourishes in the springtime when plants are sprouting new growth.

Guigen Qigong is a form of Chinese Medical Qigong developed by Dr Xu Hongtao, a specialized physician from the Qigong and Tuina (massage) Division at the Xiyuan Hospital, Beijing, China. He teaches the health benefits of qigong with medical Qigong training sessions.


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Guigen Qigong – Part No 5: The Wood Element