Teacher: Level 3 Da Yan

Annie Prowse


Annie Prowse has been a Qigong teacher since 2014. 

Her first training was through Tai Chi Fitness Australia (TCFA) as a Qigong instructor. Annie was thrilled when Master Simon Blow came to the Atherton Tablelands in Far North QLD to deliver Qigong workshops in Herbeton and Atherton, then the teacher training program in Cairns. 

Annie was fortunate to participate in her first Da Yan Wild Goose Retreat in Ubud, Bali, in 2016. She was very inspired by this ancient spiritual legacy form of Qigong and introduced it into her regular daily practice. Annie has enjoyed travelling to Minto, NSW, to attend Da Yan Wild Goose retreats at the Vijayaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre and to have the richness of practising the form with ‘a flock’ of other passionate Qigong teachers and students.

In 2019 Annie had the privilege of going on a Da Yan/Daoist Qigong study tour to China. It was an honour to meet Grand Master Chen, practise Da Yan 1st 64, and learn from the Daoist masters at the Eternal Springs Monastery in Wuhan. The inspirational highlight was travelling to Wudangshan and taking in the essence of the sacred temples, mountain views, forest walks and practising Da Yan Qigong at these sacred sites (with my Da Yan family). It will always warm my heart.



Annie Prowse has a background in early childhood teaching and yoga teaching. Annie and her husband have been facilitators of small retreats, including yoga and Qigong, at their beautiful property ‘Sacred Waters Healing Sanctuary’ in the southwest Atherton Tablelands. Annie is now paving an independent path as an Accredited Journey Practitioner of the Journey Method (pioneered by Brandon Bays). She is passionate about reawakening others to the potent healing power of their soul and setting them free of limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. Annie’s other passion is to share the gifts of Qigong in nature settings. Her goal is to teach her favourite form of Qigong, Da Yan Wild Goose, to dedicated students.


Annie has Qigong classes in Herbeton and Atherton. The forms taught include Ba Duan Jin, Guigen, Wudang Longevity Qigong, Liu He Gung (The Six Harmonies) and a blend of other styles.