Teacher: Level 2

Leigh Murphy


Leigh is a Level 2 Qigong teacher and has been teaching Qigong in Tamworth since 2019 after obtaining her certificate of Qigong Practitioner Training Level 2 in the same year. She travelled to China in 2017 with Simon Blow and underwent and successfully passed the International Training Course in Liu He Gong at the Qi Dao School of Shanghai Qigong Research Institute.


After practising Tai Chi for many years, Leigh was invited in 2011 to join a Qigong class. Being very interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes the healing benefits of Qigong,  she accepted and has been involved with the practice since then.

Leigh regularly attends Simon Blow’s workshops and retreats and has completed training in Dayan Wild Goose, both First 64 movement and Second 64 movement sets.


Leigh conducts one formal outdoor training session weekly and leads students in two morning practice sessions each week throughout the year. 

Leigh teaches a range of Qigong forms learned under the tuition of Simon Blow at workshops and retreats.