Teacher: Level 3

Michele Bisetto


What I love most about Qigong is how it makes you feel. 

From the outset, even the general warm-up movements call you to be present with your whole body and invite you to release or shake off pent-up tension. The movement sequences combined with the natural breath invite a calm and steady focus which allows you the space to slow down and listen inwardly. 

I love teaching Qigong because I witness students moving from stress and anxious states to ease and flow. We all feel much happier and more relaxed after a class.

A recent share from one of my long-term students: “I absolutely love Qigong. It is a calm and invigorating way to feel into my body. It makes a difference in my mood and calms my racing mind. I feel relaxed and have a sense of inner peace.”


From a young age, I’ve always had a love of movement. Over many years this natural interest has allowed me to explore and eventually train professionally in mindful movement and therapeutic practices, including yoga, martial arts, Shiatsu and Somatic Therapy.

I was formally introduced to Qigong and Tai Chi as an integral part of my martial arts and Shiatsu therapy studies in the late 1990s and have steadily practised and trained ever since. I am fortunate to have studied, trained and travelled with Master Simon Blow. Visiting and training at the Shanghai Qigong Institute in 2018 was a wonderful learning experience. 


Currently, I run weekly casual Qigong classes from the Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre, where my clinical practice in Shiatsu and Somatic Therapy is established. There is also the option of joining classes and therapy sessions online.  

My love of teaching encompasses all abilities and levels- everyone is welcome. The beauty of Qigong is it requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Classes can even be taught in the great outdoors!