Teacher: Level 2

Viviane Blake


My Qigong journey began when I was introduced to Cancer Wellness Support (CWS) in Leura, where I became a volunteer. I had breast cancer myself in 2008, which became a catalyst for change in my life, and this led to my husband and I moving to the Blue Mountains from Sydney. 

Whilst volunteering at CWS, people would come in to undertake this activity with the strange name of Qigong which intrigued me, so with encouragement from the founder and CEO of CWS, I decided to try it out. 

I worked at CWS for six years, and I practised Qigong every week in a group led by a teacher. For about four of those years, I was given the opportunity to lead the group of my fellow Qigongers in our weekly practice whilst our teacher took her breaks. At the time, I did not consider becoming a teacher until my teacher encouraged me to do the teacher training course with Master Simon Blow, and so began my journey to teaching Qigong.


In June 2019, I completed the Level 1 Teacher Training Course, and in November 2020, I completed Level 2. I started my own Qigong group at the beginning of 2020, and in the same year, I was offered to teach Qigong at a women’s studio gym. These two classes ran every week and gave me the opportunity to develop my teaching skills. 

I am currently undertaking ‘Unit 1- Understanding the Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine’ to further my knowledge and connection to this ancient Chinese healing art form and to attain my Level 3 teacher certificate. 

I intend to establish more classes and affiliate myself with medical practices, aged care facilities and spiritual learning centres within my local area and encompass holistic wellbeing practices.

Qigong has become an important and integral part of my life. As I travel on this path of learning, my goal is to help and guide others to reap the benefits of doing Qigong so that they may too feel that sense of peace and calmness I feel from doing the practice. 


Due to the last COVID lockdown, my face-to-face classes ceased. I began holding Qigong classes online in October 2021, and I hope to recommence my face-to-face classes in June 2022 in Katoomba and Leura. I have taught mainly Ba Duan Jin and Shibashi and have now started to teach Guigen Qigong.