Teacher: Da Yan

Wendy Hartshorn


I love life, movement and sharing with other people.

Teaching Qigong and movement in my community is both a vocation and a pleasure. Moving with awareness is one of the easiest ways to gently balance and open the heart, mind and body. Witnessing friends and students make improvements to their health and energy levels brings me great joy.

I’ve now lived half my life in Southern Tasmania and currently teach a range of Qigong classes in Hobart and New Norfolk. I have learned a lot from Master Simon Blow and his experienced teachers at workshops in Australia and China.

I continually study Qigong, fitness, meditation and acupressure to keep my skills and accreditation up to date.


I grew up in NSW and lived in cities and the country until I moved to Tasmania in 1991. I first learned Tai Chi in a little hall in Epping, Sydney in 1988 and knew I would come back to it and I did.

I’m a trained social worker and taught a YWCA program for women after breast cancer called ‘encore’ in 2000, which sparked the desire to teach movement with mindfulness.

I trained as a fitness instructor in 2005 and began teaching Tai Chi and Qigong (and fitness) in 2006.

I’ve connected with communities in Southern Tasmania to teach and learn movement and Qigong over the last 17 years. While many students are retired, I have also linked with mums with babies, people with disabilities, people with cancer and a range of other people willing to improve their health and wellbeing.

The teaching settings range from outside in parks, to halls, gyms, online and in individual people’s homes.


Please contact me for current class times and locations. All classes are suitable for beginners and can be adapted for specific needs.

Some of my teaching locations include:

  • Arthur Square- New Norfolk
  • Botanic Gardens- Hobart
  • Battery Point Hall- Battery Point
  • Summer Salamanca Lawns- Hobart
  • Hobart Women’s Health Centre- North Hobart

In summer I teach free taster sessions outdoors with Healthy Hobart in the city of Hobart.